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Does This Sound Like You?

  • You sent your CV to several Recruiters, but received an "OK" response.

  • You are ready to move to the Middle East as an Expatriate, but have No Clue how to secure that "LUCRATIVE" Gulf job.

  • You would like to take your career to the Next Level, but the offers you received were for the same level or a step below.

  • You want to make sure you receive Interview Calls for the "PERFECT", "TARGETED" job.

  • The higher you Move UP in your CAREER, the more your salary gets taxed...

  • You want to make "MORE MONEY". To give your Family the Life they "DESERVE". Gulf Countries (0% Income tax).

  • You "KNOW" that your Talent & Skills are WORTH much more than what you EARN now.

  • You want to send your Child to the "BEST College". The A-League one!

If This Sounds Like You, Keep Hope.
There "IS" A Solution.

Ahmed Rizvi's positive recommendations of best resume format gulf jobs"I want to say THANKS for your excellent Resume Writing Service in Dubai. After I received my new C.V., I started my job search in The U.A.E.

I sent my resume to 5 companies, had interviews with 4 and took a position from the first company I interviewed with, as it was EXACTLY what I was looking for.

This was what I had dreamed my Job duties and the SALARY package should be.

Due to my new customized Middle East CV, I was offered a position a Step Above what I would have otherwise got! I have been here for over a year now, and I absolutely love my job!" Thanks Dubai-Forever.Com's Resume Writing Service!

- Ahmed Rizvi; Senior Civil Engineer; Dubai, UAE.

A Resume is THE MOST IMPORTANT Marketing & Sales Tool ever invented. FOR YOU. Yet, you haven't taken it seriously.

By not writing a GREAT CV, what do you LOSE? Lots actually.

  • You lose your DREAM Job.

  • You lose the inner satisfaction that comes with a job you Love, that fulfills your abilities & ambition.

  • You lose the EXTRA MONEY you "COULD" have earned. (anywhere between US$ 2000 to US$ 72000 a year).

  • You lose the "LUXURIES" and "LUCRATIVE PERKS" that come along with a GREAT Middle East job.

  • And finally, you lose the inner happiness & pride that you WOULD HAVE FELT, seeing the smile on your loved one's face, when YOU gave HER / HIM an Expensive Gift / Luxury Holiday. (With the increase in your earnings).

Priceless Moments, that were lost because, you did not give importance to your CV!

Now tell me, don't you think it's WORTH Investing a little money in having a Professional write your CV? Think about all that you'll GAIN...

My Award-Winning CV's Are:

  • Gulf Focused: Made using "styles" and "formats" that are most popular with Recruiters in the Middle East. Also contain those very important words / sentences / phrases that appeal to them.

  • Skills, Abilities & Strengths Focused: "I don't have time to read through each CV and search for the important points. They need to jump out at me," says Mohamed, Vice-President - HR at a leading recruiting agency.

  • Keyword Focused: Recruiters search online databases (such as MonsterGulf, Bayt, etc.) using "KEYWORDS" to describe the "skills" of a particular job.

  • Well Written: Using proper sentence construction, correct grammar, tense & spellings.

The Middle East Job market is very vibrant & competitive. It is attracting skilled and qualified talent from across the world. The major attractions being:

  • 100% Tax Free Income. You Keep all you Earn.

  • Luxury lifestyle that you have only dreamed of.

  • Similar to working in a First World Country.

  • Excellent salary and perks offered by Global, World-class MNC’s.

  • Recession, Negative Growth, Financial Crisis & Civil War in other parts of the World. (Euro Zone, Arab Spring, US, etc.)

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Click on Your Level of Experience:

Entry Level (0-2 Years Total Work Experience)

Junior Professional Level (2 - 5 Years Work Experience)

Mid Level Professionals (5 - 8 Years Work Experience)

Senior Professional Level (8 - 15 Years Work Experience)

Executive Level (CEO, CFO, COO, MD, VP, Director, Manager)

A CUSTOMIZED CV is WRITTEN by me; especially for you. By the way, Who am I? Before you proceed, make sure you read all ABOUT ME...

Also go through my professional profile on LinkedIn...

View best cv writing service dubai abu dhabi - Shabbir Kagalwala's profile on LinkedIn

Having worked as Senior Human Resources Manager for an Abu Dhabi based Oil & Gas firm (world's fourth largest oil company), I understand the regional recruiting industry well.

I've successfully operated my resume writing service since 1999 (part-time until 2009, going full-time since then), delivering Resumes "TAILORED" for the Gulf Countries, including the GCC, MENA, Levant and CIS.

Thousands of my website visitors (and good friends now) have sought help from my Resume Writing Service and managed to get their Dream Jobs, with salaries upto 40% higher than before.

Satisfaction Guarantee

My Resume Writing Service Success Guarantee is this:
If after having me write you a resume, you do not get a job interview within 90 days, I will rewrite your resume for free.

So if, within 90 days of getting your resume from me, you have no interviews lined up, simply email me, and I'll contact you with a new, re-written CV.

In the 16 years that I've offered my Resume Writing Service, I have had only 20 odd people request a rewrite.

I am proud to have a 96.7% customer satisfaction rate, one of the BEST in the industry.

Here's What A Few Of Our Thousands Of
Happy Customers Had To Say:

Sarra Battik's testimonial of resume writing services in dubai"Shabbir has done a great job! He prepared my resume in under 12 hours (express service), giving me enough time to send in my application, just before closing time.

But that's not all. I got selected. Now that's a great investment I made. I've been called for an Interview after 2 days. Thanks for your great service, Shabbir. You Rock!"

Sarra Battik; Investment Consultant; Tunisia.

Aleksandar Bogdanov's positive review of career change resume writing"Shabbir is Knowledgeable & an Expert at his job. My new CV will help me get a good tax-free job in Kuwait, Qatar or Oman quickly.

I want to send my son to a US or UK University with the money I'll save with a job in the GCC."

Aleksandar Bogdanov; Sr. Mechanical Engineer; Bulgaria.

Adelbert Hermann's review of best cv writers in sharjah"Knowledgeable & Professional. My new Resume helped me get a good Tax-Free job quickly. Though I earned a lot in Europe, I used to pay 40% in taxes! That's a big amount.

I've invested in my own villa in one of the free-hold properties in Dubai, with the extra money I make. Thanks to Dubai-Forever.Com's Resume Writing Service."

- Adelbert Hermann; Project Manager; Berlin, Germany.

Ruxandra Sandulescu's testimonial of online resume writers dubai"Shabbir Kagalwala the resume writer, is an expert. He's made my resume Stand-Out! He knew such intricacies about my profession, which only a professional with 15 years experience like me, would have known. I was pleasantly surprised at this.

There are a lot of Resume Writing Service in Dubai, and they promise the Sun and the Moon, but fall short when it's time to deliver.

This guy is different. Dubai-Forever.Com is a Great CV Company and Shabbir is a Winner!"

Ruxandra Sandulescu; Property Consultant; Romania.

Yahya Mubarak's professional cv writing reviews of leading uae resume writers"Thank You very much for the professionally written Curriculum Vitae!

In these times of crisis in many countries, a lot of people have become jobless, and are looking for jobs in the Big 6 GCC countries.

I've already lined up some great interviews with companies in Bahrain & Saudi Arabia, that I had not even imagined would call me. Well done Shabbir and your Resume Writing Service!"

Yahya Mubarak; English Language Teacher; Egypt.

Read more client testimonials & reviews of our Results and Expertise from happy & satisfied customers of our Resume Writing Service...

Most people Do Not Know How to Apply for Jobs in the Middle East. Living far away, across the Globe, they have No Clue HOW or WHAT to do.


...Order your CV Today And I'll
The Following Exclusive Bonuses (Worth 700 Dirhams [US$ 190]):

  1. HR Contacts List of TOP Companies in your Industry.

  2. The Email ID's / Career Pages (URL) of the BEST firms in your specific industry. This includes firms in UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait & Bahrain. Search for Job Vacancies and Apply to the ones you like. DIRECTLY! Price: AED 172 (US$ 47).
  3. HR Contacts List of TOP Recruiters in your Industry.

  4. The Email ID's / Career Pages (URL) of the The BEST recruiter's in your industry. These Agencies command the Lion's share of Placements in ALL of the above countries. Most of them have Exclusive agreements with Firms. So you won't see these job vacancies advertised anywhere else. Price: AED 99 (US$ 27).
  5. Leading Middle East Recruiters on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn.

  6. Social Media is very popular and a great means to contact the recruiters & headhunters in your career field, directly. Price: AED 69 (US$ 19).
  7. List of dozens of Websites for Job Search.

  8. These are the BEST websites that collect HOT job vacancies from across the Internet. These Search Engines are the Google, Yahoo & Bing of Careers & Jobs. Price: AED 37 (US$ 9.99).
  9. Gulf Interview Cracking Tips.

  10. Recruiters in the Gulf are culturally different, as compared to those elsewhere. You need to be prepared for an Interview in the Gulf, so that you are able to proceed with the realization of your Dream Job. Learn the Tricks and Tips. Price: AED 69 (US$ 19).
  11. Gulf Interview Questions and Answers.

  12. Likewise, these questions and their most appropriate answers have been compiled by our Team over a period of 14 years, with the help of recruiters in agencies & firms across the Middle East. A goldmine of information, sure to help you prepare. Did you know that pleasing & impressing a recruiter could help you negotiate a salary package upto 40% higher? Price: AED 99 (US$ 27).
  13. PDF version of your CV to send as an attachment with e-mails.

  14. Emailing your CV and Cover Letter as a Word Document is quite unprofessional and risky. If the MS Office version is different on the recruiters PC, the formatting of your CV changes. To help get over this, we give you a PDF version of CV & Cover Letter. Price: AED 11 (US$ 2.99).
  15. Thank You Letter (to be sent after the Interview as a Reminder).

  16. After your Interview, sending a Thank You Letter, keeps you fresh in the mind of the recruiter. A great tool to have him call you back. Success rate of this document is very high. Price: AED 145 (US$ 39).
  17. QR Code.

  18. A QR Code (Quick Response code) is a mobile phone readable barcode that can contain your name, phone number, email ID, address etc. A recruiter simply points a mobile phone at it and all the information gets uploaded & stored on his phone.

    The software also opens up the correct application to handle the encoded data. Example, if an email id is QR coded, it will open up his email application on his phone to compose an email to you. We are the first Resume Writing Service in the World to include a QR code on a CV. Price: AED 37 (US$ 9.99).

Order Now.

I can't promise how long I will give away these FREE BONUSES worth Dirhams 700 (US$ 190), with my Resume Writing Service. This Information is EXTREMELY Valuable. I know you will really be HAPPY with your CV and the Results it provides.


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Order Your Customized CV!
Click on Your Level of Experience:

Entry Level (0-2 Years Total Work Experience)

Junior Professional Level (2 - 5 Years Work Experience)

Mid Level Professionals (5 - 8 Years Work Experience)

Senior Professional Level (8 - 15+ Years Work Experience)

Executive Level (CEO, CFO, COO, MD, VP, Director, Manager)

My Resume Writing Service Samples:

These are from amongst our latest CV's. (Click on the image to open the PDF file. The file will open in a new window.)
Banking Retail Operations Manager Sample CV:
Banking Retail Operations Manager Sample CV in Dubai UAE, GCC

Business Development Marketing Management Sample CV:
Business Development Marketing Management Sample CV in Dubai United Arab Emirates Middle East

Business Operations Management Sample CV:
Business Operations Management Sample CV in Dubai UAE MENA

Financial Controller Sample Resume:
Financial Controller Sample Resume, Dubai UAE

Human Resources Management Sample Resume:
Human Resources Management Sample Resume Dubai UAE

IT Infrastructure Lead Designer Sample CV:
IT Infrastructure Lead Designer Sample CV Dubai UAE

Mechanical Engineer Sample Resume:
Mechanical Engineer Sample Resume Dubai UAE

Procurement Supply Chain Logistics Management Sample CV:
Procurement Supply Chain Logistics Management Sample CV Dubai UAE

My Expertise in writing the following CV's have received overwhelming response from employers and recruiters alike:

  1. Retail Sales resume, Student resumes, Project Manager resumes,
  2. Paralegal resumes, Graphic Designer resume, Maintenance resume,
  3. Administrative Assistant resume, Help Desk resume, IT resumes,
  4. Management resume, Accountant resume, Marketing resume,
  5. Nurse resumes, Teacher resumes, Receptionist resume, etc.

CV's for other career fields, such as, Medical, Hotel, Engineering, Finance, Construction etc. have proved to be very 'POPULAR' and 'SUCCEEDED' by getting YOU the 'All Important' Interview Call.

The Exclusive Resume Writing Service that Helps Eliminate and Get Rid of the following queries:

  • How to create a resume?
  • How to write resume?
  • How to type a resume?
  • What can I do to make my CV stand-out?
  • Where can I find a CV Writer?
  • Which are the Top 3 CV Writing Companies in UAE?
  • Can you recommend a good CV Writer for Dubai?
  • How to do a resume?

Middle East Resume Writing Service Offerings:

All The Very Best!

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