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There are over 5000 Recruitment Agencies in Dubai. Whew! That's quite a few by far.

Do all of them deliver results? Well, NO. They don't. Some deliver spectacular results. While most others do not.

Now, which ones should YOU apply to? Yeah, that's right. The Best of the Best. You DO want spectacular results, don't you?

Recruitment Dubai is HUGE, since 80% of residents in Dubai/ UAE are non-Emiratis, who come searching for a Lucrative Career & a Good Life from 200+ countries world-wide.

There are many top 10 lists on the Web. It's been our PASSION to provide a TRUE list of the TOP 20 Employment Agencies.

We've left no stone un-turned to make this list as genuine as possible. We rated agencies on the following criteria:

  • Career Field Specialization.
  • Number of dedicated Recruiters in a Career Field.
  • Experience and Quality of Recruiters.
  • Quality of Customer Service.
  • Number and Quality of Companies with which they have Contracts.
  • Percentage of Successful Placements.

and many many more...

Recruitment Agencies in Dubai

Here is the list of the TOP 20 Employment Agencies in Dubai.

Researched, compiled and published by our team of experts, with real feedback from job-seekers like you. And also, from Human Resources Managers from a cross-section of Corporates and Industries.

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NOTE: A 5 rating is Excellent, 4 is Very Good, 3 is Good, 2 is Okay and 1 is Bad.

The # 1 Recruitment Agencies in Dubai by far is: Bayt
Rating: 4.90

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The # 2 Enrollment Consultants in Dubai is: Work Circle
Rating: 4.88

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The # 3 Staffing Agencies in Dubai is: Stanton Chase
Rating: 4.86

The # 4 Recruitment Dubai Consultants is: Edge Executive
Rating: 4.83

The # 5 Employment Consultants in Dubai UAE is: First Select International
Rating: 4.81

 The # 6 Job Recruitment Agency in Dubai is: Clarendon Parker (Middle-East)

Rating: 4.79


The # 7 Dubai Recruitment Agency is: ANOC Management Consultants
Rating: 4.77


The # 8 Dubai UAE Commissioning Agent is: Inspire Selection
Rating: 4.74


The # 9 Job Placement Agency in Dubai is: Purple Square
Rating: 4.72


The # 10 Dubai Recruitment Agency is: Engage Selection Dubai
Rating: 4.66


The # 11 Recruiting Agencies in Dubai is: Al Madina Agencies & Services
Rating: 4.63

Recruitment Agencies in Dubai - contd...

The # 12 Dubai UAE Recruitment Agent is:  Budge Recruitment
Rating: 4.61


The # 13 Recruitment Agencies in Dubai is: Adecco ME
Rating: 4.53


The # 14 Recruitment Dubai Consultants is: Cobalt Recruitment
Rating: 4.52


The # 15 Job Staffing Agencies in Dubai is: Nadia Gulf
Rating: 4.51


The # 16 Job Recruitment Agency in Dubai is: ND & Associates
Rating: 4.47


The # 17 Employment Consultants in Dubai is: Apple Search & Selection
Rating: 4.44


The # 18 Recruitment Dubai Consultants is: Barclay Simpson ME
Rating: 4.41


The # 19 Dubai Recruiting Agency is: BAC Middle East
Rating: 4.39


The # 20 Dubai UAE Enlistment Agent is: Mind Field Resources
Rating: 4.36


The above list is updated frequently (twice a month), so please return again for the HOTTEST TOP 10 / 20. Press {Control + D} to bookmark this page...

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