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Does This Sound Like You?

✹ You've been searching for a job in the Middle East countries of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait... but still haven't found one?

✹ You've been searching for a job in Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, and other countries around the world... but no luck as yet?

✹ You want to enjoy and live an ABUNDANT lifestyle in a country which has "World-class Infrastructure" such as expressways, skyscrapers, etc.

✹ You are ready to move ABROAD as an Expatriate, but have No Clue how to secure that "LUCRATIVE" job.

✹ The higher you Move UP in your CAREER, the more your salary gets taxed...(in your home country).

✹ You want to make "MORE MONEY". To give your Family the Life they "DESERVE".

✹ You "KNOW" that your TALENT & SKILLS are VALUABLE, and WORTH much more than what you EARN at present.

✹ You want to send your DAUGHTER/ SON to the "BEST College". The A-League one! So, either SAVE more, or MAKE more!!!

✹ You've searched for jobs all over the internet but don't seem to be getting it right...

✹ You want to start applying for jobs, but don't have the time to search for JOBS matching your PROFILE.

If This Sounds Like You, Keep Hope.
There "IS" A Solution.

FREE Whatsapp Jobs Groups

The 5 Jobs groups given below are all the same. Please join ONLY ONE depending upon space available...

Please Note: Only Admins are allowed to post. If you want to post jobs on the group, please get in touch with us.


Unlimited jobs (from list given below) in GCC, USA, UK, Canada, Europe, APAC, Africa, Levant, etc.

US$ 7.99


Unlimited jobs (with targeted job title) in GCC, USA, UK, Canada, Europe, APAC, Africa, Levant, etc.

US$ 9.99

GROUP 1 ~ EXAMPLE: Suppose you are a Chartered Accountant, and you joined the "Accounting, Auditing Jobs Group" (from the list given below). Group 1 will receive job vacancies of all types of jobs under the "Accounting and Auditing" sector.

Example: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Book-Keeper, Auditor, and of course, Chartered Accountant etc.; which will be from the GCC, USA, UK, Canada, Europe, APAC, Africa, Levant, etc.

GROUP 2 ~ EXAMPLE: You will only receive TARGETED jobs of "Chartered Accountant" (according to example given above), which will be from the GCC, USA, UK, Canada, Europe, APAC, Africa, Levant, etc.

List of Sectors
for Whatsapp Jobs Group

  • Accounting, Auditing Jobs

  • Administration, Secretarial, PR Jobs

  • Architecture, Construction, Building and Civil Engineering Jobs

  • Banking, Finance, Investment Jobs

  • Beauty, Fashion, Massage Jobs

  • Chemical, Oil, Gas, Petroleum, Wind, Solar, Alternative Energy Jobs

  • Cleaning Services, Maid, Nanny, Housekeeping Jobs

  • Consulting, Management Jobs

  • Customer Service, Call Center Jobs

  • C-Level (CEO, CFO, CTO, CIO, GM, VP, Board Members, Investor/Owner, etc.) Jobs

  • Design, Creative Jobs

  • Farming, Agriculture, Horticulture, Botanist Jobs

  • Hospitality, Tourism Jobs

  • HR, Training Jobs

  • HSE, Safety Jobs

  • Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning Jobs

  • Internship, Fresher, College, Graduate Jobs

  • Legal, Law, Paralegal Jobs

  • Logistics, Procurement, Purchase, Supply Chain, Warehouse Jobs

  • Maintenance, Repair Technician Jobs

  • Medical, Healthcare, Nursing Jobs

  • Sales, Marketing, Retail Jobs

  • Teaching, Education Jobs

Whatsapp Jobs Groups:
Terms and Conditions

➥ To help keep your Identity Confidential and Private; and avoid unnecessary messages (from others on the group) popping up every now and then, we have kept this subscription as a Whatsapp Broadcast, rather than a Whatsapp Group.

➥ The Subscription is valid for 3 months.

➥ The Subscription is Non-Transferable to another Whatsapp Jobs Broadcast Group.

➥ The Subscription rates are subject to change.

➥ We only post the job vacancies. We are in no way connected to the recruiter and cannot get you an interview with them. For any job clarifications, please ask the respective recruiter directly.

➥ If you agree to these Terms and Conditions, please Register, by filling up the form given below and make payment for the Whatsapp Jobs Group of your choice...

Whatsapp Jobs Groups

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Whatsapp Group Disclaimer

We do not guarantee that you will get a job through this medium. I mean that's like saying you'll get the Ferrari car one hundred percent, just by buying a raffle ticket at the Dubai Duty Free.

Hence, we do not make any of those claims. But yes, we guarantee to post maximum number of jobs that are targeted towards the sector/ industry/ field that you've signed up for.

They say that a candidate has to apply for a minimum of 100 jobs, before she/ he can get a response. Well, that's the way it is. There are 1000's of job applicants today for every job vacancy. So stop wasting time searching for those jobs, and start investing it in applying for them.

We try our level best to post jobs as soon as they become available, so you are among the first ones applying for them. Many times, a recruiter stops seeing the other applicants, once they find a handful who match.

LinkedIn Group: GCC Jobs

Join the LinkedIn Group exclusively for Jobs in the GCC:


Whatsapp Buy & Sell Groups

All the below listed groups are only for legitimate Buyers & Sellers.
Please read the Group Description after joining the group.

1) Dubai Properties for Rent:


This group is only for Dubai, other city/country groups will begin soon...

This group is only for legitimate Renters, Agents & Owners of Properties in Dubai, who want to rent out their properties.

2) Dubai Properties for Sale:


Used Car - Buy & Sell - UAE:


This group is only for the UAE, other country groups will begin soon...

It is only for legitimate Buyers & Sellers of USED Cars in the UAE.

2) PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) - UAE:


This group is only for the UAE, other country groups will begin soon...

This group is only for legitimate Buyers & Sellers of PPE products, materials or equipment in the UAE.

3) Coins & Antiques:


This group is only for legitimate Buyers & Sellers of Coins & Antiques.

4) Home Cooking - Dubai, UAE:


This group is only for Dubai, UAE; other cities in the UAE & country groups will begin soon...

This group is only for legitimate Home Chefs & Buyers of Home Cooked Meals in Dubai, UAE.

5) Online Training~Children:


This group is only for legitimate Online Trainers for Children. Everything from Coding, Tuition, Yoga, Story telling, Jiu Jitsu, etc. Targeted towards Children. This is for the Global marketplace, since online training is a service which can be delivered across the planet.

6) Online Training~Adults:


This group is a platform for Online Training Providers for Adults. Everything from Certifications, IT, PMP, Logistics, Supply Chain, Yoga, et al. And for those interested in these services.

7) Bed Space Rental:


This group is only for the UAE, other country groups will begin soon...

This group is a platform for Bed Space Rentals/ Bachelor Accommodation providers for both Men & Women in the UAE. And for those interested in these services.

8) Digital Marketing/SEO:


This group is a platform for Online Digital Marketing Services/ SEO Services / SEM Services. And for those interested in these services.

More Groups Coming Soon, so Stay Tuned...

Whatsapp Sector/Industry Groups

Whatsapp jobs group dedicated towards Ai Vacancies across the world. Artificial Intelligence Jobs is a broader term and includes Machine Learning, Data Science, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, etc.

Here is the link to join:


Join the CV, Resume, LinkedIn Tips Whatsapp Group:


Walk-In Interviews GCC Jobs Group:


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LinkedIn Jobs Group

LinkedIn Jobs Group

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Paid Whatsapp Jobs Groups

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