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Hello and Welcome! I am Shabbir Kagalwala, and am a Professional CV and LinkedIn Profile Writer. I have helped thousands of people re-do their LinkedIn profiles and optimize it, thus achieving their objectives with it.

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Networking, as always, has been one of the best ways to find a lucrative job. The social networking website, LinkedIn, has taken the lead in the virtual world, to help people connect with others and network. And also get found by recruiters and head-hunters. Over 500 million people across the world use LinkedIn...

  • To exchange information, ideas and job opportunities.
  • To receive information about their particular industry.
  • To find the people and knowledge to advance their careers and meet their goals.
  • To apply for jobs in their favorite firms. Last year 1 million jobs were posted in LinkedIn in the GCC.

A professional LinkedIn profile has become extremely important today as recruiters across the Middle East (and the world) search for talented candidates that make the perfect fit for job vacancies that they are trying to fill; whether in an MNC, local firm, government or SME (small and medium enterprise).

LinkedIn has evolved as the most important platform to showcase your skills and achievements and also to network with like-minded people across your industry / sector.

Recruiters have the ability to search profiles of candidates on LinkedIn very easily. The search feature on this top-rated social networking site enables recruiters to search via technical and professional skills, and also by gender, age range, years of experience, nationality, and more.

Dubai-Forever.Com's LinkedIn Writing Service in Dubai/ UAE/ GCC, helps create a professional profile for you on the best professional social network , so that it projects YOU as the ideal candidate in your particular sector and industry. Taking care to include your skills, abilities, achievements, and of course, the duties and responsibilities in various roles.

A professional profile created in this manner is bound to get you many requests to connect from recruiters, head-hunters, employers and hiring managers.

It will help you "stand-out" from the crowd with a profile that markets you as an expert in your field.

LinkedIn Profile Creation Service (Lite)

This is what I give you as part of LinkedIn (Lite):

  1. Smart Headline;
  2. Interesting Summary, that brands you, and creates a lingering impact;
  3. Write-up on each of your professional experiences;
  4. List of Core Competencies;
  5. SEO (Search Engine Optimized) profile, so you get found for online searches, for your most important skills;
  6. Customized & Personalized LinkedIn URL.

LinkedIn Profile Creation Service (PRO)

Once your LinkedIn social media profile has been created and is live, I also help maintain it as part of the LinkedIn (PRO), to keep it up-to-date and to help it rank higher consistently. It includes:

1) Writing LinkedIn posts in your area of skill/ expertise (brands you as a Subject Matter Expert - VERY IMPORTANT in today's crowded marketplace).

Example i):

Example ii):é-shabbir-kagalwala?

Example iii):

2) Connecting with important and influential people inclusive of CEO's, investors, recruiters and headhunters.

3) Increasing number of connections (after all, LinkedIn is a numbers game)

4) Increasing Skill Endorsements from connections.

5) Writing and receiving Recommendations from your seniors/ colleagues (A good comment/ review/ feedback from a person who has worked with you always helps in branding your technical skills and soft-skills).

LinkedIn Profile Creation Service (Expert)

The LinkedIn (Expert) package is among our best selling packages, as it takes care of your entire LinkedIn strategy, from writing an eye-catching profile to maintaining and managing it over a period of 3 months. The following is all included in the Expert package.

•  Creating your LinkedIn profile, including the Summary and each job profile, that will get you noticed by leading recruiters in the region. Increase your networking connections four-fold. An absolute must on the best social networking site for professionals;

•  Headline Creation;

•  Write 3 articles that show your expertise in a particular skill or topic, and post onto LinkedIn's Publishing Platform;

•  Creation of 3 Slide-share presentations of your projects/ skills/ SME;

•  Mapping connections with 30 recruiters at targeted recruiting agencies;

•  Mapping connections with 30 recruiters at targeted employers;

•  Mapping connections - CEO/ CTO/ Decision-Maker/Senior Manager/Director @ sector related firms in selected region;

•  Mapping connections with 30 people working at targeted employers, for an introduction to the HR in the company, or sending your CV to them;

•  Mapping connections with 50 sector-related Groups;

•  10 recommendation text (that you will send to your seniors/ colleagues);

•  Mapping 50 skills;

•  Following 10 Influencers;

•  10 Recommendation Text to send out to various connections;

•  Uploading background image in keeping with your sector/ industry;

•  Uploading your photograph in an optimized manner;

•  Custom LinkedIn URL;

•  Interacting & ENGAGING with various INFLUENCERS.

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LinkedIn Profile Management

LinkedIn Profile Management 1: 1 SME article/ week = US$ 39/ month ($ 34/ month, and billed for 3 months) {$ 29/month, and billed for 6 months}

LinkedIn Profile Management 2: Interacting & ENGAGING with various INFLUENCERS, including Recruiters/ HeadHunters/ CEO's/ Decision makers/ Investors/ B2B Clients. This helps INCREASE visibility on LinkedIn and thus get more recruiters/B2B clients/investors to look at your profile seriously. = US$ 39/ month ($ 34/ month, and billed for 3 months) {$ 29/month, and billed for 6 months}

LinkedIn Profile Management 3:  LinkedIn Profile Management 1 + LinkedIn Profile Management 2. US$ 59/ month ($ 54/ month, and billed for 3 months) {$ 49/month, and billed for 6 months}

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