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The biggest ADVANTAGE is that your Executive Level Resume/ CV is written by a Professional CV Writer. That's me, Shabbir Kagalwala. With over 19 years of CV writing experience and a strong background in ACTIVE recruiting for an Oil major in Abu Dhabi (UAE), I am well versed with the CV writing process in the Middle East, and so is my hand-picked team of experienced CV Writers.

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CV Writing:

AED 659
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SAVE AED 149 ($ 40)
Cover Letter:

AED 179
(US$ 49)

SAVE AED 79 ($ 20)
CV + Cover Letter:

AED 729
(US$ 199)

SAVE AED 229 ($ 60)

LinkedIn (Lite):

AED 289
(US$ 79)

SAVE AED 79 ($ 20)
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LinkedIn (PRO):

AED 549
(US$ 149)

SAVE AED 149 ($ 40)
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LinkedIn (Expert):

AED 1099
(US$ 299)

SAVE AED 299 ($ 80)
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CV + Cover Letter + LinkedIn (Lite):

AED 959
(US$ 259)

SAVE AED 299 ($ 80)
CV + Cover Letter + LinkedIn (PRO):

AED 1249
(US$ 339)

SAVE AED 369 ($ 100)
CV + Cover Letter + LinkedIn (Expert):

AED 1799
(US$ 489)

SAVE AED 519 ($ 140)

CV Posting:

AED 215
(US$ 59)

SAVE AED 79 ($ 20)
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Recruiting Agency Registration:

AED 215
(US$ 59)

SAVE AED 79 ($ 20)
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Employer Registration:

AED 215
(US$ 59)

SAVE AED 79 ($ 20)
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+ Cover Letter
+ LinkedIn (Lite)
+ CV Posting
+ Recruiting Agency Registration
+ Employer Registration:

AED 1399
(US$ 379)

SAVE AED 519 ($ 140)


+ Cover Letter
+ LinkedIn (PRO)
+ CV Posting
+ Recruiting Agency Registration
+ Employer Registration:

AED 1759
(US$ 479)

SAVE AED 589 ($ 160)


+ Cover Letter
+ LinkedIn (Expert)
+ CV Posting
+ Recruiting Agency Registration
+ Employer Registration:

AED 2319
(US$ 629)

SAVE AED 739 ($ 200)


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Any Combination

Any other combination can be customized especially for you!


1. CV Writing + Cover Letter + CV Posting;
2. CV Writing + Cover Letter + Recruiting Agency Registration;
3. CV Writing + Cover Letter + Employer Registration
4. CV Posting + Recruiting Agency Registration + Employer Registration
5. CV Writing + Cover Letter + CV Posting + Recruiting Agency Registration + Employer Registration, etc.

All the above combination packages are valid for the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, India, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Pakistan and more...

My Success Guarantee...

I GUARANTEE your new Executive Level Resume will land you an Interview in 90 Days or I Re-write your C.V. ABSOLUTELY FREE!

...Order your CV Today And I will
The following Exclusive Bonuses (Worth UAE Dirhams 700 [US$ 190]):

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I can't promise how long I will give away these FREE BONUSES (worth US$ 190), with our Executive Level Resume Writing Service. This Information is EXTREMELY Valuable. I know you will really be HAPPY with your Resume and the Results it provides.


Executive Level Resume: What's Different About Us?

Some of the "so-called" LEADING job sites & portals in the Middle East, hire freelance writers with little or no experience. You don't even know who has written your Executive Level CV/ Resume. How effective can such a CV be? I've had several people come to me with a CV written by these "leading Middle East job sites", asking me to write a NEW one for them!

And surely you've come across some freelancers with websites in your search for CV Writers. Have you read the text on their websites? If they can't even write correctly on their sites, how can one expect a professionally written CV from them?

And tell me, how can a US/ UK CV writing firm, having no local GCC experience, write an executive level resume or CV for you, targeted for the GCC? You know how important local GCC experience is. Right?

Questions? Read the FAQ's...

Who is this for?


Executive Level Resume Writing Services are for Executives in First Level Management, Mid Level Management, Higher Level Management, Senior Management and C-Level Management Positions. Similarly, all professionals such as legal, chartered accountants, sports persons at national or international level, etc.

Several Senior Technical Managers, Directors, General Managers [GM], Chief Executive Officers [CEO], Chief Financial Officers [CFO], Chief Operating Officers [COO], Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers [CTO], Chief Marketing Officers [CMO], Vice President's, Managing Directors, Board Members, etc. from Middle East, East Europe, West Europe, USA, UK, South Asia, SA, Australia / NZ, Singapore, HK, etc. have been placed in "Lucrative" positions in MNC's; local corporations, government organizations, SME's and startups.


Because, writing the perfect Resume has been my passion ever since I began writing Executive Level Resume's.

My Project Manager Resumes and CV's for Mid and Upper Level Management, have been extremely effective in projecting the right image that is "So Required".

Headhunters & Recruiters have acknowledged the high quality of my Executive Level Resume Writing that helped them hunt down targeted candidates for some exclusive GM, MD, Director, CEO, CFO, CIO & COO positions in MNC's as well as local firms in the GCC.

I also write Cover Letters for Resumes, which have proved to be door-openers to many "Dream Job" Interviews for Senior Expats in the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) Countries.

Want to know How The Entire Executive Level Resume Writing Process Works?

I write a CUSTOMIZED CV, Résumé, Curriculum Vitae & Cover Letter as per the country / region that you seek a job in. I am highly experienced in writing Executive Level Resume for Abu Dhabi • Sharjah • Dubai • Ajman • Ras Al Khaimah • Al Ain • Fujairah • Umm Al Quwain in The UAE.

Similarly, I write CUSTOMIZED CV's and Resumes for:

Saudi Arabia • Bahrain • Kuwait • Oman • Jordan • Lebanon • Egypt • Morocco • Algeria • Tunisia • Cyprus • Yemen • Syria • Turkey • Palestine • Iraq • Iran • Brunei • Libya • Malaysia • Singapore • Hong Kong • India • Pakistan • UK • USA • Australia • New Zealand • Kazakhstan • Azerbaijan • Turkmenistan • Uzbekistan • Tajikistan • Ukraine • Burundi • Ethiopia • Eritrea • Djibouti • Kenya • Rwanda • Somalia • Sudan • Tanzania • Macedonia • Kosovo • Serbia • Czech • Slovakia • Bulgaria • Romania.

Have any Queries regarding my Executive Level Resume & CV Writing Service in Dubai & Middle East? Please Contact Me.

Still confused? Order your FREE CV evaluation/ critique. My team will let you know exactly what's wrong in your CV. And whether it requires to be re-written or not...

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