CV Writing Services

Here is a list of all the career-related, profile-building CV Writing Services offered by Dubai-Forever.Com...

CV Writing Services

# 1) CV Writing - ATS : We write a completely new CV from ground up, adding new content to fill in the gaps, of course, making sure that Spellings, English Grammar, Tense, Action Verbs, Keywords, Formatting, Styling, compliance to Applicant Tracking System, etc. is in place...

# 2) CV - Visual: To stand out from the crowd, you might need to add some smart art; logos of employers, colleges and certifications; timelines, images, etc.

# 3) CV - Infographic: The new trend nowadays to create an Infographic CV designed in advanced software such as Adobe.

# 4) Cover Letter: A Cover Letter is a must to accompany a CV. It is like an introduction to your profile to the recruiter and should gently lead her/ him to click open your CV and read all about you.

# 5) CV Evaluation/ Critiqué: I evaluate your CV on the basis of 14 criteria (identified over a period of 19 years of CV writing in the GCC), as very important and a MUST HAVE in a successful CV. The CV, Resume, and LinkedIn evaluation service, a very important part of our CV Writing Services, valued at US$ 59 is completely FREE and informs you whether your CV/resume/LinkedIn passes the interview-test.

# 6) LinkedIn Profile Writing (Lite): I create / redo your LinkedIn profile that will get you noticed by leading recruiters in the region. Increase your networking connections four-fold. An absolute must on the best social networking site for professionals.

# 7) LinkedIn Profile Writing (Pro): [includes] LinkedIn Profile Writing (Lite) + 3 'Subject Matter Expert' Posts (250 - 300 words each) + Connection request with 30 recruiters at targeted recruiting agencies + Connection request with 30 recruiters at targeted employers + Connection request with 30 people working at targeted employers, for introduction to the HR in the company, or sending your CV to them + Connection request with 30 sector related Groups + 10 recommendation text (that you will send to your seniors/ colleagues) + Follow 10 Influencers.

# 8) LinkedIn Profile Writing (Expert): [includes] LinkedIn Profile Writing (Lite) + LinkedIn Profile Writing (PRO) + 3 Slide-share presentations of your projects/ skills/ SME + Custom Background Image (behind profile photo) + selection of 50 well-researched Skills + selection of 50 well-researched Groups + Interacting & ENGAGING (30 times) with various INFLUENCERS, including Recruiters/ Head Hunters/ CEO's/ Decision makers/ Investors/ B2B Clients. This helps INCREASE visibility on LinkedIn and thus get more recruiters/B2B & B2C clients/investors to look at your profile seriously.

# 9) CV Posting: We create your online profile on 30 leading job portals and job boards that are specific to your sector and region. Recruiters increasingly search on these for desired candidates.

# 10) Recruiting Agency Registration: We register you with 30 leading recruiting agencies that are perfectly suited to your sector/ industry.

# 11) Employer Registration (CV Distribution): We register you with 30 leading employers/ firms/ organizations in your sector/ industry.

# 12) Customized Job Hunt: Hundreds of Middle East Job Boards, Recruiting Agencies & Corporate pages are scanned to give you jobs suited to your profile.

# 13) Job Applications: We find jobs that are matching your profile and apply to those that you approve. We ensure the registration process is optimized for you, saving you time and a lot of frustration.

# 14) LinkedIn Profile Management: We help maintain and manage your profile for you, since we you are either very busy, and/or don't know how to do so. After all, you are good at your own skill, and it's always better to leave other things to other professionals...

# 15) Online Reputation Management: We Build Your Personality on the Web. Your Brand Identity. All Things Positive.

CV Writing Services ~ Pricing

We've created some combination packages of the above services, that are great "Value For Money", wherein you receive great discounts depending upon the combo package you go in for.

Please click on your level (from the links given below), as per the number of years of work experience.

Entry Level (0 - 2 Years Total Work Experience)

Junior Professional Level (2 - 5 Years Total Work Experience)

Mid Level Professionals (5 - 8 Years Total Work Experience)

Senior Professional Level (8 - 40 Years Total Work Experience)

Executive Level (C-Level, CEO, CFO, COO, MD, VP, Director, etc.)

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