Online Reputation Management

What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Any guesses? OK, Let me explain.

Did you know that "Your Past Could Haunt Your Job Search"?

94% of Recruiters use Social Media for Recruiting in the UAE and the GCC. While short-listing candidates, they regularly check a candidate’s Social Profiles, on Twitter, Facebook, and others, which in turn influences their decision to either call the candidate for an interview or dump him/ her for good.

Conducting research on Social Media profiles to understand a candidate's overall behavior and attitude in society also forms a part of the employment background checks that are increasingly becoming mandatory in the UAE and GCC region, what with almost 80% of the workforce being expatriate.

So, the next time you want to post an inappropriate photo of yourself on Facebook; write a rude comment to a past Manager/ colleague; state your negative views about a particular political party, religious community, or nationality...

STOP! Don't Do It!

This could really impact your career!

Now, if you have an account on some social media websites; you already have a digital footprint being created for you (knowingly or unknowingly). If some friend or colleague is tagging you in some weird photo/ comment, then, that will show up when a recruiter searches your name on Google (or any other search engine like Bing, Yahoo, etc.)

That's about negative results when a hiring manager Google's your name. Let's talk about positive results now.

Online Reputation Management

What will that do?

It will be a Game Changer...

Imagine this scenario. 2 person's 'A' and 'B' and YOU have been short-listed for a job vacancy at an organization that you've been desperately trying to get into, since some time. The recruitment manager Google's all 3 of your names.

Person 'A'

Somebody else Irrelevant Link

Somebody else Somebody else's cartoon link

My Career Blog
My Successful Career Journey

My Achievements
My Career Achievements & Awards
Person 'B'

Angry Blog Post
My Manager is dumb. I'm waiting to quit.

Irritating Troll
I like your looks. Will you marry me?

Who do you think will be called for an interview? "YOU", right? Who wants to call an unknown person "A", and definitely no company wants an irritating and disrespectful troll like person "B" as an employee.

Online Reputation Management is all about creating your strong personal brand, that shows you in a positive light. Personal branding is more about developing an honest and comprehensive representation of what you truly are, and removing (or pushing back) an image of what you aren't.

We've been in the CV Writing and "POSITIVE PROFILE" creation industry in the GCC since almost 2 decades. Google my name "Shabbir Kagalwala" :-)

We know what Online Reputation Management is about, and to the great extent it can boost your career.

As part of the Online Reputation Management package, we do the following:

# 1) LinkedIn: Subject Matter Expert (SME) Posts (250 - 300 words) + Connection request with 30 recruiters at targeted recruiting agencies + Connection request with 30 recruiters at targeted employers + Connection request with 30 people working at targeted employers, for introduction to the HR in the company, or sending your CV to them + Connection request with 30 sector related Groups + 10 recommendation text (that you will send to your seniors/ colleagues) + Follow 10 Influencers.

# 2) Facebook: Profile Page Creation + Connecting with 30 Leading Recruiters Pages in your sector + Connecting with 30 Leading Employers in your sector + Subject Matter Expert Posts (75 - 100 words).

# 3) Bayt People Profile: Creation of a well-rounded profile wherein you can directly apply to jobs. Many Employers have exclusive relationships with Bayt, wherein application to jobs on the employer's career site leads you to the Bayt site. This is also true for jobs on LinkedIn.

# 4) A well written profile about you on the leading personal branding site in the world (well indexed by Google too!).

# 5) A well written profile creating a branding effect for you, on the leading branding site in the world (well indexed by Google too!). 

# 6) Twitter: Profile Creation + Following 30 Leading Recruiters in your sector + 30 Leading Employers in your sector.

# 7) BranchOut: This is the largest professional community on Facebook with more than 30 million users in over 200 countries. BranchOut allows people to build their professional brands by sharing photos and posts that dynamically showcase their professional skills, expertise and accomplishments. Profile Creation + Connecting with 30 Leading Recruiters Pages in your sector + Connecting with 30 Leading Employers in your sector + Subject Matter Expert Posts (250 - 300 words).

# 8) Google+: One of the GCC's Top 3 social networking sites. A well written profile is created for you that enhances your image + Subject Matter Expert Posts (75 - 100 words).

# 9) A personal 1 page website with your name as the domain name, and your skills and achievements displayed on it.

# 10) Glassdoor: A well written profile on the well known and popular professional career site on Facebook +  Following 30 Leading Recruiters in your sector + 30 Leading Employers in your sector

# 11) Article Sites: Subject Matter Expert posts (250 - 300 words) on different article sites.

# 12) 30 Sites Registration. Registration on 30 sites in total, that gives you extra mileage on search engines. Personal Search Engine Optimization advantage, at its best!

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If you want to come out on tops, be a winner, from amongst 100's of other candidates, then select the Online Reputation Management service.

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