Egypt Recruitment Agencies
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The updated TOP TEN List of Egypt Recruitment Agencies, to help you secure your "Dream Job".

Been searching on the WWW for the leading recruiting agencies to apply to in Cairo and other cities in Egypt, right?

Given below are the BEST agencies that you will ever need. No need to apply to the others at all. Almost all the lucrative job vacancies in Egypt are filled in by these TOP TEN. Egypt is one of the most advanced and stable economies in North Africa.

Needless to say, with a wide and varied economy, there are jobs for every career field imaginable that you'd find in a robust, vibrant economy.

Egypt Recruitment Agencies

The Names of agencies are given below, with a link to it's application page.

One of the Leading Recruitment Agencies in Egypt by far is: BAYT

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The # 2 Recruitment Consultants in Egypt is: Work Circle Egypt

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Workcircle - find work fast

The # 3 Manpower Staffing Companies Egypt is: Resource Professionals (RP)

The # 4 Recruiting Consultants in Egypt is: Pioneer Human Resources Inc.

The # 5 Staffing Agencies in Egypt is: Roots Management Consultants

The # 6 Employment Agencies in Egypt is: Target Recruitment & HR Solutions

The # 7 Egypt Recruitment Agencies is: Misr Elhegaz Company

The # 8 Egypt Recruitment Agencies is: Antal International

The # 9 Overseas Manpower Suppliers in Egypt is: Merge Recruitment

The # 10 Manpower Agencies in Egypt is: Jobmaster Human Capital Solutions

This TOP 10 List is updated often, because it portrays only the 'BEST' Agencies in Egypt. If you know of an Agency in Egypt, that's not on this list, but deserves to be, please contact us & let us know about it.

Resume Writing Service


The CV is the most important document in your job search in 'Vibrant Egypt'. The format, style & content used to write a CV in Egypt is quite different.

Just like a CV written for European Jobs won't work in North America, so it is for Egypt and MENA.

If you're looking at landing a lucrative Job in Egypt that lives up to your dream of advancing in your career, making lots of moolah, living a luxurious life and giving the best to your family, then you must take the efforts to have your CV written in the best possible way.

There are sufficient Egyptian jobs available for the right candidates, but remember that a recruiter has limited time and several thousand CV's to go through, in shortlisting the right candidate.

Our Resume & CV Writing Service for Egypt is the leading and most reasonable professional service of its kind. Guaranteed to get you a job in Egypt and perfectly suitable for applying to GCC countries.

We also write LinkedIn profiles, register you with job boards, agencies and employers and have a tailor-made job hunt package to help you quickly apply for lucrative vacancies.

Our resume writing service is applicable for Cairo, Alexandria, Gizeh, Suez, Luxor, al-Mansura, Shubra El-Kheima, Port Said, El-Mahalla, and Tanta etc.

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Job Recruitment Professionals (Job RP):

We strongly believe that improved knowledge and skills of those working in the recruitment industry is the key to success. We see the great potential in Egypt's talents and their ability to make great professional additions in many institutions working in different business fields in Egypt, and worldwide. Jobrp ensures sourcing highly qualified professional candidates as our selection policy is based purely on merit, qualification and ability to perform the task to the company's satisfaction..Register here:

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Other Leading Agencies are:

Other Egypt Recruitment Agencies are...

  • Randstad Global:
  • Budge Recruitment:

Is your Agency in Egypt on this list? Would you like to add it?, Please let us know about it. We are constantly updating this list and would like to have only the BEST Agencies on it.

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