CV Distribution Service in Dubai

Welcome to our CV Distribution Service in Dubai...

Do You Relate With This?

  1. You sent your CV to several recruiting agencies...
  2. You registered on leading job portals in the Middle East...
  3. You sent your CV to friends, colleagues, and their friends...
  4. You socialized and networked on social networks...

However, you're still searching for the BEST and SUREST way to get your CV/ Résumé in the hands of Employers/ Recruiters. RIGHT?

CV Distribution Service in Dubai

Get Rid Of Your Worries. CV Forwarding (Registration) in Dubai  is amongst the TOP 5 Recommended ways to circulate your CV in the hands of recruiters/ decision-makers. Withing Employing Firms as well as Recruiting Agencies.

Our Exclusive CV and Résumé Registration Service in Dubai & UAE has been designed keeping YOU and your specific needs in mind.

We constantly update the employers / firms / companies / organizations / SME's / Startups to which we send your CV, so that you get the maximum possible results.

We not only distribute your CV to firms and Free Zones in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates, but also to those in the other GCC nations like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain. Latest additions are India, Canada, Australia, NZ, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, etc.

Firms and agencies have welcomed the idea of receiving CV's & Resume's of candidates from us. Hence, the number of firms registered with us in ALL sectors keeps increasing every day.

Why Sending CV by Bulk Email is a

When someone sends your CV by Bulk Email, it goes to email addresses such as or, etc. Very rarely do they send to email addresses like or

A recruiter receives 1000's of CV's on a daily basis.

How many such emails does he open?

So, where does your money go? Into the trash can. Also, most of these email ID's have reached the limit and so new emails sent to them will bounce. Similarly, email technology has become so advanced that, any email sent in "bulk" goes to the spam folder directly.

Why Register?

Most firms now have a registration form on their websites. Once you've created a profile on the website, you receive a login ID and password, and can fill up all the details regarding your career, education, etc. A place is created in their database where your information is permanently stored.

When the HR/ recruiter is searching for candidates to call for an interview, he accesses this database and the software pulls out those profiles that match the criteria he is searching for. This works similar to how we search for information on Google/ Yahoo.

Many firms do not have a recruitment budget or have drastically scaled it down. They do not advertise their job vacancies on job boards, newspapers or other media. Employing expensive recruiting agencies to hire on their behalf has also been put to a bare minimum. Such firms have benefited the most from our CV Distribution Service in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE and the entire GCC. Similarly the candidates too!

Whether you want to apply for Middle East Jobs, while still in your own country, or are already in Dubai / UAE / GCC / APAC on a Visit Visa searching for jobs; Dubai-Forever.Com's CV Distribution Service is the BEST and CHEAPEST way to put your Job Search into Top Gear.

Imagine sitting on your home computer or in an internet cafe and searching for jobs on job-sites or company websites. It would take an infinite amount of time, energy and resources to send your CV to ALL the firms in your career field / sector. Our exclusive CV Distribution Service in Dubai does the hard work for you.

How It Works:

We have 3 types of registration services that cater to the following:

  1. Employers / Firms / Companies / Organizations / SME's / Startups / MNC's / Government Firms / Utilities, etc.
  2. Recruiting Agencies
  3. Job Portals

Click this link and download the Registration Form to be filled up. Send it to us along with your updated CV in MS Word and PDF formats, Cover Letter and a recent photograph.

Order Your
CV Distribution Service in Dubai,

In each service, we register with 30 websites/agencies/employers and the cost is US$ 59 for each service...

If you go in for 2 of the above, there is a discount of 20%.

If you go in for all 3 of the above, there is a discount of 30%.

CV Posting:

AED 215
(US$ 59)

SAVE AED 149 ($ 40)
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Recruiting Agencies Registration:

AED 215
(US$ 59)

SAVE AED 149 ($ 40)
What's this? See Below...
Employer Registration:

AED 215
(US$ 59)

SAVE AED 149 ($ 40)
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