Recruitment Agencies Bahrain
The TOP 10. Best of the Best.

The TOP 10 List of Recruitment Agencies Bahrain, presented below.

Simply apply to these TOP recruiting agencies from over a 200+ employment companies in Bahrain. These 10 together, accounted for almost 80% of job placements in Bahrain this year.

The Kingdom of Bahrain is heavily dependent upon oil, oil refining / processing and banking. Almost 50% of the population consists of Expats from over 200 countries.

This makes it a fertile ground for jobs of almost every nature, due to the high profile of it's residents.

Recruitment Agencies Bahrain

Below the name of each agency, you will find a link, which is either a job vacancy page or an application page.

The # 1 Leading Recruitment Agencies in Bahrain by far is: BAYT

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The # 2 Recruitment Consultants in Bahrain is: Work Circle Bahrain

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The # 3 Employment Agencies in Bahrain is: Nadia Gulf

The # 4 Recruitment Agencies in Manama Bahrain is: Budge Recruitment

The # 5 Staffing Agencies in Bahrain is: Clarendon Parker (Middle-East)

The # 6 Manpower Recruitment Agencies is: NES Global Talent

The # 7 Consultants in Bahrain is: MCR Recruitment Services

The # 8 Manpower Staffing Companies Bahrain is: Yathreb Services

The # 9 Overseas Manpower Suppliers in Bahrain is: NSR Associates

The # 10 Recruitment Agencies Bahrain is: Gulfjobs Online Recruitment Agency

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Management Information and Resource Associates (MIRA Consultancy):

“The ability of businesses to hire and retain the best talent is the road to success especially when the mobility of human capital is no longer a limiting factor...”

In taking a business to the next level of growth, expansion and competitive advantage, the key requirement is to hire and retain the best Talent, which is profoundly skillful and productive; aligns itself with the company objectives; has the willingness to learn and share its knowledge and will grow with the organization. Email Your CV to:

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Other Leading Agencies are:

Some other Recruitment Agencies Bahrain are...

  • Randstad Global:
  • Shamco International Recruitment Ltd.:

If you know of any other Agency in Bahrain, please let us know about it. We are constantly updating this list and would like to have as many as, or all the BEST Agencies on it.

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