Professional CV Writing

Why Professional CV Writing? You might ask.

Over a period of years, we found that our customers had some things in common. The reasons for going in for a professional resume writing were one of those listed below. If you identify with any of these points, then please email us ( and tell us which one.

Even if your reason is not given below, please do tell us what it is. If you do resonate with one of the reasons then you must get a NEW CV/ resume written professionally from us...

Professional CV Writing

# 1] I have reached the limits of my development with my current company. And I feel my skills are not fully utilized. I believe I've reached a plateau, and am not growing any more in my career. Read Khaled Ahmed's story...

# 2] The Salary I receive at present is less than my needs. I have my family to take care of and we can barely even make ends meet. Read Denise Mitchell's story...

# 3] I just returned back after a 3 month tourist visa to search for a good job. But, I didn't get any interview calls. Read Abimbola Akuchi's story...

# 4] Stressful Job: I want to change my career track to something which is less stressful. My current Sales job is taking it's toll on my health and I want something less demanding now. Read Nawal Awais' story...

# 5] I don't get much credit for my work. My boss takes it all. That is not fair. I want to be appreciated for my hard work. Read Srejayan Jagdeesan's story...

# 6] I Need To Work in a More Challenging Environment. I Feel Like I'm Under-utilizing my Skill-Sets in My Current Job. Read Talitha Jaafer's story...

# 7] If Even Thinking About Work Fills You With Fear and Worry, it May be Time to Leave and Search for Your Dream Job that is Interesting and Gets Your Creative Juices Flowing. Read Amit Pawar's story...

# 8] I have been working in Saudi Arabia since the past 6 years with a well reputed company and want to switch to another company as I have not seen any growth since couple of years.

# 9] I believe that the Gulf countries are coming into solid growth mode, especially since they've identified growth from non-oil sectors. I see this as a great move to enhance my career as well as my life.

# 10] Working in my previous job has really made me an experienced person, but we used to lack further opportunities for personal growth like training and development. And also I always had the dream from early on, of working and living in a foreign country and explore the knowledge and culture and become the best employee my company can have.

# 11] My present job is good. I am only seeking career and personal growth, hence I need professional CV writing services.

# 12] As an experienced restaurant manager, I know how to create a good experience for my customers. To get them to return again and again, how to reduce the food and operation costs, while keeping quality at a constant high, how to create a profitable restaurant within 1 to 1.5 years. This is why I need a job with an international chain looking to expand in the UAE.

# 13] There were no projects available with the current organization. So, I'm now frustrated doing nothing in my present company. Though they are paying on time, I don't know when it might stop.

# 14] I've worked in India for over 5 years. I'm now in Dubai on a visit visa till the 6th, hence I need professional CV writing services.

# 15] I'm currently jobless. I'm looking for a company that provides it's employees many chances of growth and development. A company that puts it's employees above all else.

# 16] I want to get more experience from an International economy like Dubai, Doha or Muscat.

# 17] I know I'm going to get fired soon. The sword has been hanging over my head since a few months now, hence I need professional CV writing services.

# 18] I'm working at the Dubai International Airport. The job is really good, and so is the pay. However, I've had it with the work timings. I start at 3 a.m. till Noon.

# 19] I'm not happy with the working hours. I'm working almost 10 hours every day, and also half day on Saturdays. I hardly get any time with my family.

# 20] Due to the current economic climate, my company has become financially unstable. Management has already asked everyone to start looking elsewhere. They've been kind enough to keep our visa valid, so we can look for jobs while we're here. Else, we would have had to go back to out home country.

# 21] My boss does not give me tasks to do as an efficient and competent worker. This has made me extremely demoralized.

# 22] My salary is so low, that I am unable to call my family back from my home country to the UAE, hence I need professional CV writing services to search a new job.

# 23] Due to nationalization, they have asked some of their oldest employees to look for alternatives. They will pay us 2 months additional salary, as well as hold our visa's till we find a new job. They said they will also help within their network of group and associate companies.

# 24] This is a small company, and I now feel I need to move to a larger organization to develop my skills and knowledge, since there is no other guide or anybody senior working above me.

# 25] My business has now stabilized, and I feel I need to get back to a job, else I will be wasting my talents and abilities.

# 26] There is a lot of politics inside the office, juniors who trained under me, are now being appointed to roles as my senior. I know I deserve those positions, but will never make it, because I play fair, and I don't know how to butter up my seniors.

# 27] The overall environment in the office lacks commitment by the staff. They all keep wasting time and money. There is a general atmosphere of carelessness and neglect. The owners of the business aren't present in the UAE, and they haven't put in a proper hierarchy system to supervise staff work.

# 28] The company has not provided me with a visa (I'm on my husband's sponsorship) and the salary is quite low too. If my husband loses his job, then I'll have to go back home too.

# 29] I'm turning 18, and unless I get a job soon, I'll have to leave the country and go back home. I cannot live as a dependent on my father's sponsorship once I turn 18. Have to adhere to this rule, being a male in the UAE.

# 30] I've got a split duty, that takes away almost 14 hours of my day. I need a new job. Fast! Therefore, I need a professional CV writing service.

# 31] I've built up a huge loan on 4 credit cards, and I need to find a higher paying job soon, since I'm barely able to meet my expenses, what with my EMI's taking away almost 80% of my salary.

# 32] I've just returned back to the UAE after completing my Masters in the USA. I want to take up a job in an MNC, like I used to in the States.

# 33] After working for almost 18 years in Canada, I want to now settle and work in any of the Middle East countries, because that will mean I'm just about 2 hours away from my parents in Cairo, Egypt.

# 34] I've learnt to speak Arabic fluently, and am now ready to take up a government job in the United Arab Emirates.

# 35] I don't get any full day off. It's a 1st half off on Friday, when the supermarket is closed. And, then it's another 1st half off, according to rotation, some other day of the week. I haven't seen the sunset in almost 2 years now...

# 36] I need to work in a more challenging environment.

# 37] I had a major loss in my business, and need to pay off the loans. Hence, I need Professional CV Writing services to help find a job in the United Arab Emirates.

# 38] The company deducts my salary for payment of work visa, which should actually be paid for by the company. Also, they have not issued Insurance Card.

# 39] My company is not ready to pay for housing rent. They had promised this when I signed the job offer letter.

# 40] I still love my job and my company, but after almost 15 years of faithful service, I feel the need to explore newer avenues and opportunities.

# 41] I love to travel the world and live and work abroad to get an experience of a new culture, and its people.

# 42] I was appointed as regional manager for the entire GCC, but after the restructuring, I've been made Manager for Kuwait alone.

# 43] I have cleared the Ministry of Health [MOH] and the Dubai Health Authority [DHA] exam, and received my license to practice as a Physiotherapist/Dentist/Physician/Surgeon.

# 44] Contract end: Looking for a new job as my current contract of 2 years is coming to an end, hence I need professional CV writing services.

# 45] Low professional growth opportunities: I had come here on a visit visa, and got a job as sales executive in a real estate firm, though I'm a Financial Manager. I want to change my career back to Finance, as there are very low growth opportunities in sales.

Professional CV Writing Service

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