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Why Have Your Professional Qatar CV Written From Me?

The biggest BENEFIT is that your CV/resume is written by Professional CV Writers, with solid experience in the GCC. That's me, Shabbir Kagalwala. With over 19 years of professional resumé writing experience and a rich background in ACTIVE hiring for one of the largest Oil & Gas firms in the Gulf countries, I am well versed with the CV writing process in the Middle East region.

So are my wife, Tasneem, and my daughters, Jameela and Zainab. We also have 6 writer-partners (staff), who are our hand-picked and trained team of highly experienced and professional CV Writers, whom we have groomed to write - from the heart.

Click the LinkedIn buttons below to view our profiles and make sure you read the Recommendations my clients (now friends), have given me...You may also read Dubai-Forever.Com reviews on TrustPilot.

Please do read more about 'Who We Are', and how we became the best in this profession...

Take advantage of our valuable experience in the field of CV Writing. Get yourself a CV from the biggest and best brand - "Dubai-Forever.Com".

Resume Writing Qatar Reviews:

hamid mahmoudHamid Mahmoud

Shabbir Kagalwala & his family team deserves to be highly commended for the GREAT JOB he did for me...He was able to successfully put in a wealth of information into a few pages of my C.V. which surpassed my expectations. He researched online, questioned via email and Skype and consolidated everything into a great Curriculum Vitae!

I have been a customer of Dubai-Forever.Com for several years now, and it's an absolute delight to have had Shabbir work on my Resume again after nearly 4 years. Kudos to your Resume Writing Qatar service!"

Hamid Mahmoud, Project Manager - LNG Refinery, North Field, Qatar.

Kunal AlmoulaKunal Almoula

"The impeccable art of transforming your inner qualities and showcasing them in the professional domain, with a flair of 'Midas Touch' is what Shabbir is all about.

Moreover, the great professional that he is, one would find a still more modest, soft spoken but a highly intelligent individual when one interacts with him in the personal domain. I wish Shabbir, all the very best..."

Kunal Almoula, Projects, Construction & Utility Management Professional|Innovator; Doha, Qatar.

zalfaa mariamZalfaa Mariam

"Superb! Outstanding! Shabbir contacted me ASAP via email to gather a clear picture of my requirements.

Thanks to the impressive resume, cover letter and other documents that were created specifically for me, I feel I can go out and confidently apply for a job in the top Banks & Financial Institutions in Qatar, and become successfully employed in no time.

He gave me an extra boost of confidence and valuable insight into what employers are seeking in today's market. This service is worth every Riyal. Thanks again for the EXCEPTIONAL job! Thanks to Resume Writing Qatar Service."

Zalfaa Mariam, Financial Analyst, Al Wakrah, Qatar.

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The services that we offer and their respective costs are as follows:


A) ATS-compliant CV

US$ 75 (QAR 275)

B) Infographic CV

US$ 75 (QAR 275)

C) CV (A + B)

US$ 102.20 (QAR 375)

D) CV (A OR B) + LinkedIn

US$ 108.99 (QAR 400)

E) CV (A + B) + LinkedIn

US$ 136.25 (QAR 500)

{A}. Applicant Tracking System (ATS) - compliant CV. (This CV is used for online applications on job sites. ATS is the software that reads and stores your CV in a database).

Some websites offer a free online ATS check of your CV. These are nothing but marketing gimmicks, to get you to sign up for their CV Writing services. A CV cannot be given a % score. It needs to be evaluated in comparison with a job vacancy...

We build CV's from the ground up using the rules that define Applicant Tracking Systems and the way they work.

{B}. Visual/Infographic CV. (This CV is normally sent to recruiters by email. It is visually - appealing.  It may not be compliant to the ATS). Also known as Visual CV, Graphical CV and Digital CV.

Click here to know more about the ATS and Infographic CV...

Cover Letter is free, with all of the above.


F) LinkedIn (LITE): We create/redo your LinkedIn profile that will get you noticed by leading recruiters in the region. Headline, Summary, Job Descriptions, basically your profile that is visible on the screen is newly written/rewritten.

We will also upload to your profile and do optimisation on it, and let you know about some important tips that will help you to rank higher.

US$ 75 (QAR 275)

G) LinkedIn (PRO): We do a lot of Optimization and Connections, "Behind The Scenes". This will start your LinkedIn profile in the right direction, and gain you targeted connections, whether it is recruiters, HR, C-Level people, Business Leads, etc.

US$ 75 (QAR 275)

H) LinkedIn (EXPERT): We write 3 top-of-the-line articles on your Subject Matter Expertise, for Pulse, the elite publishing platform on LinkedIn. Only, 3% of the 750+ Mn. people on LinkedIn ever publish an article here...

US$ 102.20 (QAR 375)

I) LinkedIn (NETWORKING): INTERACTING & ENGAGING with INFLUENCERS, including Recruiters/ Headhunters/ CEO's/ Decision makers. This helps INCREASE visibility on LinkedIn and thus get more 'targeted people" to look at your profile seriously.

US$ 47.70 (QAR 175)

LinkedIn PREMIUM Package (LITE + PRO + EXPERT + NETWORKING): Create the striking impact you need to achieve your GOALS. Combination of all the 4 (F + G + H + I)  from above. 360 Degree approach.

US$ 245.25 (QAR 900)


J) CV Posting: We create your online profile on 30 leading job portals and job boards that are specific to your sector and region. Recruiters increasingly search on these for desired candidates.

US$ 38.15 (QAR 140)

K) Recruiting Agency Registration: We create your online profile on 30 leading recruiting agencies that actively hire in your sector and country/region. Recruiters increasingly search on these for desired candidates.

US$ 38.15 (QAR 140)

L) Employer Registration (CV Distribution): We register you with 30 leading employers/ firms/ organizations in your sector/ industry.

Human Resources Managers & Recruiters will contact those candidates already present in their own firms database, before they ask an external agency to locate candidates for them. Makes sense, right?

US$ 38.15 (QAR 140)

PREMIUM Registration Package (Job Board + Agency + Employer): Combination of all the 3 (J + K + L) from above. 360 Degree approach.

US$ 102.20 (QAR 375)


M) Customized Job Hunt: Hundreds of Middle East Job Boards, Recruiting Agencies & Corporate pages are scanned to give you jobs suited to your profile. We present you with around 50 job vacancy links, matching your profile. If it doesn't match, we won't count it.

N) Job Applications: We apply to those jobs that you approve of, in the Customized Job Hunt. We ensure the application process is optimally done for you, saving you time and a lot of frustration.

Customized Job Hunt  + Job Applications

US$ 102.20 (QAR 375)


PREMIUM MARKETING Package:  CV (A + B) + LinkedIn (Lite) + CV Posting + Recruiting Agency Registration + Employer Registration: Combination of the services that help you market your CV and profile online, on all important channels.

US$ 218 (QAR 800)

US$ 305 (QAR 1120)

PREMIUM NETWORKING Package:  CV (A + B) + LinkedIn (LITE + PRO + EXPERT + NETWORKING): Combination of the services that help you create your CV/Resumé & LinkedIn, and network on the most professional social media platform.

US$ 333.75 (QAR 1225)

US$ 415.50 (QAR 1525)

PREMIUM ALL-IN-ONE Package:  CV (A + B) + LinkedIn (LITE + PRO + EXPERT + NETWORKING) + CV Posting + Recruiting Agency Registration + Employer Registration + Customized Job Hunt + Job Applications: Combination of the services that help you create your CV/Resumé & LinkedIn, network, and search and apply for jobs, giving you a complete, 360 degree, well-rounded approach.

US$ 554.50 (QAR 2035)

US$ 678 (QAR 2490)


Payment can be made via any of these methods:

1. Click the ADD TO CART button to make payment via credit/debit card, using the PAYPAL payments gateway.

2. Western Union/ Money Exchange (Cash Pick-up):

Location: Pune, India
Mobile: +91-9158104352

Location: Pune, India
Mobile: +91-9158104352

3. Wire transfer to Bank Account or, Bank-to-Bank Transfer.

Bank Name: Citibank N.A.

Account Name: Shabbir F. Kagalwala

Account Number: 5060634701

Beneficiary Email:

Category of this Bank account (Domestic/NRE/NRO): Domestic

Account Type (Savings/Current): Savings

Bank Address 1: Ground Floor, Onyx Tower, 37-3 Ghorpadi, Near Westin Hotel, North Main Road, Koregaon Park, Pune 411001, Maharashtra, INDIA.

Bank Address 2: 2413, Kumar Capital, East Street, Pune 411 001, Maharashtra, INDIA.


IFSC Code: CITI0000005

(Some systems show bank address 1, while others show bank address 2. Both are valid.)

Bank Name: DCB Bank (Development Credit Bank)

Account Name: Tasneem Shabbir Kagalwala

Account Number: 09812407865253

Beneficiary Email:

Category of this Bank account (Domestic/NRE/NRO): Domestic

Account Type (Savings/Current): Savings

Bank Address: Shop No.1,2, 3 Brahma Majestic, NIBM Road Kondhwa Khurd, Pune 411048, Maharashtra, INDIA.

Swift Code: DCBLINBB061

IFSC Code: DCBL0000098


5. Google Pay (GPay): Please send payment to this mobile number: +91-9158104352 (for payments in India only).

6. UPI: sf.kagalwala@okhdfcbank

7. Ether (ETH) Transfer via Metamask Wallet. (Please confirm price before the transfer)

Address is: 0x9401180C219697F1d11E040F70e7B3FE448B7e71

TOP 5 Reasons -'s Resume Writing Qatar Service

# 1 reason for selecting our Recommended Professional CV Writers in Doha is:
Working in my previous job has really made me an experienced person, but we used to lack further opportunities for personal growth like training and development. And also I always had the dream from early on, of working and living in a foreign country and explore the knowledge and culture and become the best employee my company can have.

# 2 explanation for choosing our Exclusive Qatar CV Sample Writing Service is:
There were no projects available with the current organization. So, I'm now frustrated doing nothing in my present company. Though they are paying on time, I don't know when it might stop.

# 3 cause to opt for our Leading Resume Writing Services in Qatar is:
I know I'm going to get fired soon. The sword has been hanging over my head since a few months now, hence I need professional services.

# 4 justification for preferring our Best CV Maker in Qatar is:
I'm working at the Qatar International Airport. The job is really good, and so is the pay. However, I've had it with the work timings. I start at 3 a.m. till Noon.

# 5 reason for favoring our Outstanding Professional CV Writing Services in Qatar is:
They have asked some of their oldest employees to look for alternatives. They will pay us 2 months additional salary, as well as hold our visa's till we find a new job. They said they will also help within their network of group and associate companies.

My Success Guarantee...

Do YOU know how to apply for jobs in Qatar?

Living miles away, YOU have no clue 'how' or 'what to do'. RIGHT?

I GUARANTEE your new Qatari CV will land you an Interview in 90 Days or I Re-write your C.V. ABSOLUTELY FREE!

...Order your NEW Resume Today, and I will
"Include FOR FREE"
Exclusive Bonuses (Worth Qatari Riyals 700 [US$ 190]):

Click Here To Read More About The FREE PRIZES...

Order Now.

I can't promise how long I will give away these FREE BENEFITS (worth Qatar Rials 700), with our Professional Resume Writing Service. This BONUS is VERY Valuable. I know you will really be Excited with your Resume and the Results it provides.

It will help you...



✔ Initial chat with Shabbir Kagalwala, MBA (HR), BA (English) & having a recruiter background in UAE, via Whatsapp, Email, BOTIM, ToTok, etc.

✔ Send your existing CV.

✔ Fill up Interview Questionnaire. Download the Questionnaire for Experienced Professionals, the Questionnaire for Freshers, OR, Questionnaire in case of 'No Previous CV'.

✔ 1st CV/Resume Draft Within 3 - 4 business days.

✔ ATS Optimization including Keyword Analysis.

✔ Written by Expert Professional Writers: Shabbir, Tasneem, Jameela, or Zainab Kagalwala, OR one of our 6 staff members.

✔ Multiple Drafts till You're Happy.

✔ FREE Bonus worth US$ 190.

Our Resume Writing Qatar Service is available in all the regions/ cities in the State of Qatar viz. Doha, Al Khor, Al Wakrah, Al Khuwayr, Ar Ru'ays, Ar Rayyan, Ras Laffan, Dukhan, Umm Sa'id, Umm Salal 'Ali, Umm Bab, and Umm Salal Muhammad, Al Sadd, Al Waab.

Also, The Pearl, West Bay, Madinat Khalifa, Abu Hamour, Mamoura, Ain Khalid, Old Airport Area, Al Thumama, Barwa Village, Al Wukair, Al Sheehaniya, Leabaib, Al Ebb, Jeryan Jenaihat, Simaisma, Al Kheesa, Rawdat Al Hamama, etc.

Resume Writing Qatar
Details of Services

Click on the hyperlinks below (where available) to learn in detail about each of our high-quality, and value-added services...

  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS) compliant CV: CV's are passed through the ATS software, which then stores the important data into it's correct column in the database. If the CV is not written correctly, then, the wrong information may go into the columns, which means you will never be found (by the recruiter) for the skills that you are best at....

  • Infographic CV: To stand out from the crowd, you might need to make your CV visually-appealing. Recruiters, are humans too, and can get bored of seeing the same formats, day in and day out. We add smart art; logos of employers, colleges and certifications; timelines, images, etc. to make your CV look appealing. (Also known as Visual CV, Graphical CV and Digital CV).

Moreover, we write a completely new CV from ground up, adding new content to fill in the gaps, and create a well-rounded, complete profile, making sure, of course, that Spellings, English Grammar, Tense, Action Verbs, Keywords, Formatting, Styling, compliance to Applicant Tracking System, etc. is in place...

Any other combination of services can be tailored and customized to fit your requirements! For example, "CV Writing + Recruiting Agency Registration". Or, "CV Posting + Recruiting Agency Registration + Employer Registration", etc...

If you are thinking of migrating to Australia, NZ, Canada, USA, or UK, then we can help prepare a CV / resume for that purpose too...

Click on the link below to RETURN BACK to the pricing list for:

Entry Level (0 - 2 Years Total Work Experience)

Junior Professional Level (2 - 5 Years Total Work Experience)

Mid Level Professionals (5 - 8 Years Total Work Experience)

Senior Professional Level (8 - 40+ Years Total Work Experience)

Executive Level (C-Level, CEO, CFO, COO, MD, VP, Director, etc.)

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Click On The Images Below To View Sample CV in PDF Format:
Financial Controller Sample CV:
Financial Controller Sample CV Qatar Doha Al Khor West Bay Madinat Khalifa Abu Hamour Mamoura Ain Khalid Old Airport Area Al Thumama Barwa Village Al Wukair Al Sheehaniya Leabaib Jeryan Jenaihat
IT Project Management Sample CV:
IT Project Management Sample CV Qatar Doha Al Khor Al Wakrah Al Khuwayr Ar Ru'ays Ar Rayyan Ras Laffan Dukhan Al Sadd Al Waab The Pearl West Bay Al Thumama Barwa Village Al Wukair Al Sheehaniya Al Ebb
Business Director Specimen CV:
Business Director Specimen CV Qatar Doha Umm Sa'id Umm Salal 'Ali Umm Bab Umm Salal Muhammad Al Sheehaniya Leabaib Al Ebb Jeryan Jenaihat Simaisma Al Kheesa Rawdat Al Hamama Al Sadd Khalid Al Waab
Vice President General Manager Sample Resume:
Vice President General Manager Sample Resume Qatar Doha Al Khor Al Wakrah Al Khuwayr Ar Ru'ays Ar Rayyan Ras Laffan Dukhan Umm Salal Muhammad Al Waab The Pearl West Bay Madinat Khalifa Abu Hamour
Senior Piping and Mechanical Designer Sample Resumé:
Senior Piping and Mechanical Designer Sample Resumé Qatar Doha Al Khor Al Wakrah Al Khuwayr Ar Ru'ays Ar Rayyan Ras Laffan Dukhan Leabaib Al Ebb Jeryan Jenaihat Simaisma Al Kheesa Rawdat Al Hamama
Procurement Supply Chain Logistics Management Sample CV:
Procurement Supply Chain Logistics Management Sample CV Qatar Doha Al Khor Al Wakrah Al Khuwayr Ar Ru'ays Ar Rayyan Ras Laffan Dukhan Umm Sa'id Umm Salal 'Ali Umm Bab and Umm Salal Muhammad Al Sadd

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