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I am Shabbir Kagalwala, and am a Professional CV Writer. I earned an MBA in Personnel Management & Industrial Relations from XLRI (Xavier's Labour Relations Institute), Jamshedpur (India), which is a prestigious management school in India. It is here that I got inspired by the school's single vision of "MAGIS", which means, pursuit of excellence, in all aspects of one's life.

I began my career with Hindustan Unilever Ltd., the Indian subsidiary of Unilever PLC. As an HR Manager, I quickly learnt the tricks of the trade of the entire recruitment life-cycle, from candidate sourcing, screening, evaluating, conducting interviews to the final negotiation.

Then lady luck smiled on me, and I got the opportunity to work for one of the most dynamic oil and gas majors in the United Arab Emirates, and the world. Takreer.

Based in Abu Dhabi, I was fortunate to work with more than 72+ nationalities that, completely changed my perception about life and work. I had struggled really hard to reach where I was; and I had my family, (my wife and 2 daughters) living with me in the UAE. However, seeing the sacrifices that some people had made, by living and working here all alone, so that they could feed their families back in their home country, moved me to a great degree.

Having seen a number of CV's and Résumés, I knew exactly how a good one needed to be written in order to be noticed by a recruiter.  I knew what information was needed and what was not. I quickly learnt that many talented and deserving candidates were either getting rejected or were settling for jobs (and salaries) a step or two lower than what they were actually capable of and deserved. If given a chance to an interview, they would easily be able to convince the recruiter of their skills.

The combination of a Bachelor's in English, and an MBA in Human Resources, gave me the natural flair to write CV's (Curriculum Vitae) and Résumés. I began writing for a few friends initially, but I soon started receiving more and more requests from friends of friends and their colleagues.

Eventually, I started writing CV's professionally, initially part-time and then, I quit my job in Abu Dhabi in April 2009 to launch my website www.Dubai-Forever.Com. We also successfully setup a company in India. Tasneem (my wife) and I are Directors in this registered company, named Burhanuddin Consulting Pvt. Ltd., Trade License No. 9621/2017. I have a well groomed team of 5 over-achievers who strive hard in elevating Dubai-Forever.Com to newer heights each day.

That is how I took my Resume Writing Services online and other popular professional services that I then began over the years. I now offer a complete suite of services & products that includes CV Writing, LinkedIn Profile Writing/ Makeover, CV Posting, Recruiting Agency Registration, Employer Registration (CV Distribution), Customized Job Hunt, Job Applications, Bayt People Profile Writing, Social Media Registration, Online Reputation Management, and lots more...

I have been interviewed for my expertise in CV Writing, on 2 popular FM Radio channels in Dubai, namely Radio Mango 96.2 FM and Radio ME 100.3 FM.

On a trip to Tanzania in 2016, I came across a slogan given by the Prime Minister of Tanzania, "Hapa Ni Kazi Tu", which literally means, "Work Gets Done Here". I guess this slogan signifies Dubai-Forever.com's passion and work culture well...

Thanks for reading a few things about me, I wish you all the very best in life!

Warm Regards,

Shabbir Kagalwala (shabbir@dubai-forever.com)

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NOTE 2: If you liked what you read about me, leave me a comment or 2 below using your Facebook login...Thanks! Here is my LinkedIn URL: http://ae.linkedin.com/in/shabbirfkagalwala/

NOTE 3: I personally designed and created this website, with each and every word that you see on it, written by me... from the heart... You might wonder, does Shabbir know about programming and designing websites? Well no, not at all. I used Solo Build It! to build this website without even knowing the ABC's of programming... I can create as many pages as I want (unlimited), and I can concentrate on my business (writing CV's and resumés) while SBI takes care of the programming and other technicalities. Isn't that great! Believe me, it works. Bring out your passion on a website too...Sign up for Solo Build It TODAY!

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