Nursing Jobs in Lebanon

Healthcare and Nursing Jobs in Lebanon are in high demand all across the nation.

The few high paying and high in demand ones are given below:

  • Certified Dialysis Nurse, Certified Legal Nurse Consultant,
  • Certified Nurse Midwife, Nurse Anesthetist, Nurse Case Manager,
  • Nurse Practitioner, Pediatric Endocrinology Nurse,
  • Nurse Researcher, Psychiatric Nurse, Orthopedic Nurse,
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist, Gerontological Practitioner,
  • Neonatal Nurses, Home Health Aide, Pharmacy Technician.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, predicts a high rise in the demand for extremely qualified nurses as the healthcare fields become vast with each field having various specializations. All nursing jobs are financially and emotionally satisfying.

Lebanon jobs in the nursing field are available in the following cities: Tripoli, Beirut, Sidon, Zahle, Tyre, Balbek, Byblos, Jounieh, Nabatieh, Anjar, Beit ed-Dine, Chouf District, etc.

Nursing Jobs in Lebanon

The below given healthcare centers, hospitals, adult care centers, pathology laboratories, dental and plastic surgery clinics and nursing homes are amongst the best in Lebanon, you can visit their career pages/ vacancy pages to search for and apply to job vacancies available, or you can also just email in your CV's.

# 1 best hospital company for 'male nursing jobs in Lebanon' is: Al Koura Hospital

# 2 leading Lebanon hospital and nursing home for 'nurse job vacancy in Lebanon' is: Monla Hospital

# 3 recommended hospital facility for 'nursing lecturer jobs in Lebanon' is: Saint George Hospital University Medical Center

# 4 best health clinic for 'nursing jobs in Lebanon with MOH license' is: Eye and Ear Hospital

# 5 leading Lebanese hospital for 'nursing jobs in Lebanon hospitals' is: Beirut Eye Specialist Hospital

Recruiting Agencies - registered nurse jobs in Lebanon

This is a list of some hiring agencies in Lebanon, some of these specialize only in recruiting for nurses. 

# 1 leading employment company for 'nursing jobs in Lebanon without moh' is:

# 2 best manpower company for 'nursing jobs in Lebanon government hospitals' is: Hands-On Nursing

# 3 recommended recruitment agency for 'bsc nursing jobs in Lebanon' is: LBS Recruitment Solutions Corporation

# 4 best Lebanese staffing companies for 'nurse jobs in Lebanon without experience' is: IHR Lebanon

# 5 leading recruiting agency for 'nursing job vacancy in Lebanon' is: AL-KARAM

Here are some more Lebanese recruiting agencies, that will be beneficial to locate nursing jobs in Lebanon...

Resume and CV Writing Tips - nursing job vacancies in Lebanon

An important tip when drafting your resume: 

One major mistake that you need to avoid while penning down your resume is to avoid using Jargon or Slang. Avoid making use of slang. Professionalism is very crucial and anything that comes off as unprofessional will lessen your chance at getting the job or being called for an interview.

When it comes to using jargon, filling your entire resume with technical jargon (in this case medical terminology) is disastrous because the hiring manager usually will not know the technical buzzwords and many a times these words vary across companies and industries.

Describe your accomplishments in such a way that even someone not familiar with your industry fully understands how good you are for the job.

Professional tips are shared by Shabbir Kagalwala, who runs the leading executive resume writing company in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and the other Emirates in UAE and the entire GCC, MENA and Levant regions.

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