Construction Jobs in Oman

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Oman Construction Jobs Vacancies include:

  • Architectural Draftsman, Civil Estimator,
  • Ironworker, Mason, Painter, Plumber,
  • Project Managers, Site Surveyor,
  • AutoCAD Draftsman, Quantity Surveyor,
  • Excavator Operator, Supervisor / Foreman, Roofer,
  • Carpenter, Construction Worker/Laborer,
  • Site Supervisor, Project Architect, etc.

Oman Jobs in Construction are available in all the cities viz. Muscat, Salalah, Nizwa, Ruwi, Sur, Qurayyat, Ibra, As Sib al Jadidah, Bawshar, Al Sohar, As Suwayq, Barqah and Ar Rustaq, etc.

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Search and Apply for suitable vacancies from the websites of the Construction firms below:

Construction Jobs in Oman

# 1 top Civil & Erection Company with the best Omani Vacancies in Construction, Roadwork, and Elevation is: Galfar Engineering & Contracting

# 2 Best company for 'petroleum construction supervisor jobs in oman' is: Suhail Bahwan Group

# 3 exclusive company for 'jobs in oman construction company' is: Bahwan Engineering Group

# 4 leading firm for 'oil and gas construction jobs in oman' is: Al Ansari Oman

# 5 recommended organization for 'autocad jobs in oman construction companies' is: COWI & Partners

Recruiting Agencies - Construction Jobs in Oman

Search and Apply for latest vacancies from the websites of recruiting agencies below, that specialize in Omani Construction Jobs:

Nadia Gulf

Expat Careers International

ND & Associates


m2r Limited

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Construction Jobs in Oman

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Omani Construction Jobs:

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