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Looking for construction or building jobs in Lebanon? This is your place.

If you are interested in any construction or building jobs in Lebanon, below are listed some top Lebanese construction companies, along with their vacancy page URL's so that you can directly look for the appropriate job and apply.

The most common and popular jobs available in the Lebanese construction sector are:

  • carpenter, chartered structural engineer, construction manager,
  • contract manager, plant operator, project manager,
  • quantity surveyor, site manager, architectural technician,
  • CAD Technician, estimator, estates surveyor,
  • Foreman, joiner, welders, laborer, painter.Your first paragraph ...


Lebanon jobs in the construction industry are available in the following cities: Tripoli, Beirut, Sidon, Zahle, Tyre, Balbek, Byblos, Jounieh, Nabatieh, Anjar, Beit ed-Dine, Chouf District, etc

Search and Apply for suitable vacancies from the websites of the Construction firms below:

Arabian Construction Company

Abniah s.a.r.l.

Entreprises A.R. Hourie


Consolidated Contractors Company

We have down-listed some of the best recruiting agencies in Lebanon that have years of experience in the construction, erection, building and/ or scaffolding industries.

Search and Apply for latest vacancies from the websites of the recruiting agencies below, that specialize in Lebanon Construction Jobs...

Expertise Recruitment


International Construction Professionals


Here are some more Lebanese recruiting agencies...

CV and Resume Writing Tips

An important tip when drafting your resume:


It is essential that you go with what you have, rather than faking and making up stories. It’s okay if you do not have the degree required, but mention the degree and your estimated completion date, because, why not?

Don’t have any actual paying job to write about? Put down any volunteering work you participated in.

Putting down your summer jobs is also completely fine. Worked at the pool or as a barista at the local café? Done done!

Nonetheless, if you have worked on several projects, then putting them all on your CV will simply make it long. Instead, create a separate document of your projects that you can attach to your CV.

These tips are shared by Shabbir Kagalwala, the leading professional CV Writer in Dubai and the entire GCC, MENA and Levant regions.


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