Business Setup in Dubai

To help investors with their business setup in Dubai, we have assessed several business setup consultants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah on the basis of their quality levels on each of the parameters given below.

In simple words, how a Business Setup Company in Dubai will hold their client's hand and guide them all the starting business in Dubai successfully...

We collected data from several sources. We surveyed various business setup services in Dubai and the UAE, including for free zone and mainland, {Department of Economic Development (DED)}. Existing and new investors across the length and breadth of the UAE and present in most activities such as trading, manufacturing, services, retail, professional, food & beverages, and branch or representative office.

Then we compiled all this data to come up with a score from 0 to 10.

10 means excellent service and value for money, whereas 0 is very bad service and the worst value for your money. Surely this ranking will help you decide which consultant to select for your new business setup in Dubai. Remember that going with the cheapest service may not always be the best bet.

Business Setup in Dubai

Business Setup in Dubai - Parameters

1) Business Setup in Dubai Cost: Price of executive services provided, over and above the cost of the license.

2) Whether renewal happens with the consultant or directly with the Free zone / DED (as the case may be).

3) If renewal happens with the business setup company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or elsewhere in UAE, then what is the cost (please state your service charges only). What support or service do you provide in this case?

4) If renewal happens directly with the Free zone/ DED, then do the business setup services in Dubai take care of the renewal procedures or does the investor have to do this himself?

5) Level of Influence with several Free zones/ Department of Economic Development (DED).

6) In case things go wrong how can you help to deal with the situation and help the investor resolve the problem to his best advantage. (for example, business license has been obtained but residence visa of investor got blocked; cancellation of business license due to business closure; business license has been obtained but investor needs to cancel due to some reasons; etc).

7) Explanation of various details about business formation: (How the setup company helps each of their clients with the below listed points during business formation:-

  • Type of business: Determining Economic Activity Type, that best suits the business function.

  • Legal form: Determining various Legal Forms required for the registration depending upon Business setup in Dubai freezone or mainland.

  • Trade Name: Selecting and Registration of Trade Name/ Business Name.

  • Share capital: Calculating minimum share capital required to be set aside as stipulated in the Memorandum of Association of the company. Some Free zones do not have this stipulation. They also do not have audit compulsions.

  • Obtaining Initial Approval: After obtaining the trade name certificate, the investor can start the procedures for issuing the initial approval.

  • Obtaining Approvals of Relevant Authorities: Dubai and Abu Dhabi Chambers of Commerce, Environment Ministry, Department of Transport, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Economic Services, etc. as the case may be.

  • Issuing Business License: This document is the base on which the Establishment Labour Card and Immigration Card applications are done.

  • Premises: Help with deciding and selecting appropriate office space for the business. Whether the business owner will need a flexi-desk, table space, small office, big office, retail space, warehouse, manufacturing facility, etc.

  • Employees: Help with determining how many staff will be required and thus selecting an appropriate license as well as actual help with recruiting and hiring local staff.

  • Local support: (Local License (DED License) requires a local agent, partner or sponsor. Help with getting in touch with such an appropriate person).

Business Setup Company in Dubai

The below listed companies were assessed according to the parameters given above, and the rankings are as follows:-

# 1 Firm for Business Setup in Dubai: KWS Middle East:
Phone: +971 4 559 0259

# 2 Company for Business Setup in UAE: Jumeira Consultants:
Phone: +971 4 3277 201

# 3 Agency for Starting Business in Dubai: UAE Free Zones:
Phone: +971 52 6934770

# 4 Business Setup Consultants in Dubai: Business Setup:
Phone: +971 4 430 1245

# 5 Business Setup Company in Dubai: Virtuzone:
Phone: +971 4 457 8200
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# 6 Business Setup in Dubai Freezone: Creativezone:
Phone: +971 4 5677 333

# 7 Business Setup in Abu Dhabi: Sovereign Group:
Phone: +971 4 270 3400

# 8 Business Setup Services in Dubai: Smart Zones UAE:
Phone: +971 4 361 4555

# 9 Company Formation Consultants in Dubai: Commit Biz Management Consultants:
Phone: +971 4 386 7444/ +971 55 8776003

# 10 Firm for Business Setup in Sharjah: HLB Hamt:
Phone: +971 4 327 7775/ +971 50 677 5860

# 11 Company for New Business Setup in Dubai: Shuraa Business Setup:
Phone: +971 4 408 1900, +971 4 351 0077/ +971 50 7775554/ +971 50 1577739

# 12 Business Setup Services Dubai: M|A|F Consulting Middle East:
Local Toll Free:  800 - 3272428
Phone: +971 50 646 6748/ +971 55 837 7872

# 13 Company for Business Setup in Ajman: Business Link UAE:
Phone: +971 4 3215 227/ +971 4 3215 228/ +971 55 6070118

# 14 Business Setup Consultants Dubai: Links Group:
Local Toll Free:  800 - LINKS
Phone: +971 4 4463 900

# 15 Consultants for Business Setup Dubai:
Phone: +971 55 2184 269

# 16 Company for Business Setup in Dubai: CosmoHub Management Consultancies:
Phone: +971 52 6177 444 | +971 50 1092 400

# 17 Service for Business Setup in UAE: Al-Hikmah Businessmen Services:
Phone: +971 6 5233 456

# 18 Consultancy for Business Setup in UAE: Legal Maxims Group UAE:
Phone: +971 4 2278125

# 19 Business Setup Services in UAE: Business Link UAE:
Phone: +971 55 6070118 / +971 4 3215227

These rankings are updated periodically as we keep receiving data from various sources. Please bookmark [Press Control + D together] it and check again.

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