What Happens To All The Abandoned Cars In Dubai?

Can I Import Those Into The USA?

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Apr 04, 2020
SuperCars in Dubai
by: Shabbir

There is an ocean of grit-lined cars left abandoned in Dubai. You might think that the residents are making this up, but it’s true− supercars, sports cars, beasts, Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s − in all forms and varieties take refuge in curving lanes and intersections.

The answer to why this occurs is simple. The Sharia law in the Middle East states that failure to repay loans is an illegal and heinous crime, one which sentences defaulters to jail. Hence, to save themselves from getting locked up, these people discard their automobiles and leave them on the side of pavements, airports, parking lots, shopping complexes and other unlikeliest of places.

The UAE doesn't have any laws safeguarding bankruptcy, so no security whatsoever is provided if you fail to pay off your debts and dues. Getting to the meat of the issue, these supercars, abandoned by their previous owners who chickened out, were once parked near, or in, the homes of people, who overwhelmed by loans and mortgages, had to dispose of everything and migrate overnight.

It goes without saying that to capture abandoned cars in Dubai and take them into possession is illegal and could land you behind bars for years with multiple fines and tickets which apply to the registered owner.

The process of legally taking these cars into possession would require you to convene with the Dubai authorities, clear the debts and fines and transfer your name on all official paperwork and documents.

Oftentimes these cars do not belong to anyone as they were bought via illegal financial activities and are hence contained in the police impound, preventing you from just hitching the side lock, messing around with the wires and driving off with a classy, new ride. So, your options are limited: to buy these cars via the primary market, attend the abandoned cars in Dubai auction or shake on a second-hand deal from a recognized dealership.

In the process, you can say goodbye to all your savings as you toil away trying to get the car back in good shape and over another fortune trying to get it to work as well as a refurbished car. If these cars were left by the side of the road or in the middle of nowhere, there is no point denying that it will be weathered down by sand, grime and gravel.

You can expect no mercy from the strict and all-encompassing rules of the Dubai Emirate, and if think you can fool the law and slip out a few dozen cars from under their noses, please do yourself a favor and treat your family and yourself to a lavish dinner in one of the Atlantis group restaurants, because even that will be cheaper than what you will have to shell out if you're caught in the act.

Then again, the question arises if the abandoned cars of Dubai can be imported to the United States. Well, the answer is a definite no. These abandoned luxury cars in Dubai are made according to Gulf specifications and safety standards which differ greatly from those already prevalent in the USA and therefore, these abandoned exotic cars in Dubai cannot be imported anywhere around the world- forget the US.

If these super-cars are very expensive and can be refurbished, then they might get sold in auction to recover the loans of the bank. However, more often than not these end up back in the second car/used cars/pre-owned cars market in Dubai.

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