Jobs Guide Testimonials

Jobs Guide Testimonials: Several thousands of our Customers have Submitted their comments, reviews and feedback about the MENASA and APAC Career Guide. It is quite logical too! With all the extensive and exclusive information and data in it, life becomes so much easier in applying to DREAM jobs...

Jobs Guide Testimonials

"Having over 18 years experience as a general physician, I was quite disappointed to see job openings only for 5-10 years experience on some leading middle east job boards. But that was before I bought the Saudi Jobs Guide.

I applied directly to some top Hospitals and Nursing Homes, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the information of which was available in the Saudi Jobs Guide, and I received an excellent offer from a private hospital. I took it up and here I am. In Jeddah!"

- Kumar (Physician - India) 13.01.2020.

"Your Singapore Jobs Guide helped me get in touch with some really good companies. I was able to search and apply for 3 exclusive jobs not listed with recruiters.

With one of them, I was interviewed over the phone and Skype. After 6 rounds of interviews that lasted almost 2 weeks, they sent me my Offer Letter. I'm flying to Singapore in mid-July. Thank You so much."

- Nina (Architect - Canada) 01.06.2020.

"I am a fresher out of college and was surprised to find fresher jobs through the Dubai Jobs Guide e-book. I've applied for a few jobs and have got some positive responses already."

- Mohammed (Java Programmer - Egypt) 21.10.2019.

Dubai Jobs Guide Testimonials

"I am quite a novice with the internet, however the step-by-step information provided in the UAE Jobs Guide were very helpful, and at a reasonable cost gave me access to very valuable data. I have achieved my goal. As a Registered Nurse in a hospital in Sharjah, UAE."

- Romerico (Nurse - Philippines) 18.08.2020.

"A Finance Job in an International Bank with all the perks to go with it, was all I wanted. The Dubai Jobs Guide has made it all possible. Thank You."

- Jameela (Finance Controller - Lebanon) 12.12.2019.

"Considering the competition there is from job seekers from across the world vying for jobs in Dubai and the UAE, one has to do several things in order to receive a few genuine leads to job interviews.

I bought the Dubai Jobs Guide as a last resort, but I was quite pleased with the extensive information provided in it.

Within a couple of weeks, through dedicated hard work of applying to various employers, recruiting agencies and HR personnel, I did receive 4 interview calls. I have since taken up 1 of them that I liked the most. All in all, a very positive experience with a Do It Yourself Career Guide, especially for the Middle Eastern region. I would happily recommend it."

- Abraham Young (Senior Technical Manager - France) 15.07.2019

"I had won many awards as a chef in 5 star hotels back home, so I thought of migrating to Dubai/ Doha/ Abu Dhabi to work as a master chef in one of the luxury hotels there.

I bought the Dubai Jobs Guide, through which I was able to apply to the best hotels, and agencies from back home. I put in a lot of hard work, believe me, but the information and data in this Guide for Expats looking to find work in Dubai, made it really easy, and I got selected for a position of Master Chef in 3 of the best 5 Star Hotels in the GCC. Thanks to Dubai-Forever.Com's Dubai Jobs Guide!"

I highly recommend it as the BEST UK expat's guide to the UAE! - Brian (Chef - Great Britain) 23.11.2019

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