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(For Professionals with 5 - 8 Years Work Experience)

Why Have Your Mid Level CV Written From Me?

The biggest ADVANTAGE is that your mid level CV/ resume is written by a Professional CV Writer. That's me, Shabbir Kagalwala. With over 17 years of CV writing experience and a strong background in ACTIVE hiring for an Oil major in Abu Dhabi (UAE), I am well versed with the CV writing process targeted for the Middle East nations. So is my team of hand-picked writers whom I have groomed to write - from the heart.

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My Success Guarantee...

I GUARANTEE your new Mid Level CV will land you an Interview in 90 Days or I Re-write your C.V. ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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The following Exclusive Bonuses (Worth UAE Dirhams 700 [US$ 190]):

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I can't promise how long I will give away these FREE BONUSES (worth US$ 190), with our Resume Writing Service. This Information is EXTREMELY Valuable. I know you will really be HAPPY with your Resume and the Results it provides.


What's Different About Us?

Some of the "so-called" LEADING job sites & portals in the Middle East, hire freelance writers with little or no experience. You don't even know who has written your CV. There is no one you can speak with. No one who understands what you want. How effective can such a CV be?

I've had several people come to me with a CV written by these "leading Middle East job sites", asking me to write a NEW one for them!

And surely you've come across some freelancers with websites while searching for CV Writers on the internet. Have you read the text on their websites? With so many spelling and grammatical errors on their websites, how do you suppose they'll write a professional CV for you?

And tell me, how can a US/ UK Resume writing company, having no local GCC experience write a CV for you, targeted for the GCC? You know how important local GCC experience is right?

Prices for the packages are given in UAE Dirhams, US Dollars, Qatari Riyals, Saudi Arabian Riyals, Omani Rials, Bahraini Dinars and Kuwaiti Dinars.

If you want prices in Euros, Sterling Pounds, Indian Rupees, Sri Lankan Rupees, Pakistani Rupees, Philippine Peso, Bangladeshi Taka, Egyptian Pounds, Jordanian Dinars or other currencies, please type the foll. in Google search box: "1 USD to XYZ"; without the quotes, where XYZ stands for the 3 letter code of your currency. You can then use the latest currency conversion rate accordingly.

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Cover Letter Writing:

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CV + Cover Letter:

AED 475 (US$ 129)

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LinkedIn Profile Writing:

AED 259 (US$ 69)

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CV + Cover Letter + LinkedIn Profile:

AED 619 (US$ 169)

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CV Posting:

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CV + Cover Letter + CV Posting:

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Recruiting Agency Registration:

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CV + Cover Letter + Recruiting Agency Registration:

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Employer Registration:

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Customized Job Hunt:

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CV Writing
+ Cover Letter
+ LinkedIn Profile
+ CV Posting:

AED 839 (US$ 229)

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CV Writing
+ Cover Letter
+ LinkedIn Profile
+ CV Posting
+ Recruiting Agency Registration
+ Employer Registration:

AED 1279
(US$ 349)

SAVE AED 275 ($ 75)


CV Writing
+ Cover Letter
+ LinkedIn Profile
+ CV Posting
+ Recruiting Agency Registration
+ Employer Registration
+ Customized Job Hunt
+ Job Applications:

AED 1575
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SAVE AED 452 ($ 123)


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LinkedIn Profile Makeover, CV Posting, Recruiting Agency Registrations, Employer Registrations, Customized Job Hunt and Job Applications. What's This? Read Here...

Any other permutation or combination can be customized especially for you. All the above combination packages are valid for the UAE, Qatar, Saudi, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, India, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Pakistan and more...

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Who is this for?

Mid Level CV is written for professionals with 5 to 8 years of solid work experience. Those who are looking for that "Break" that will catapult them into the big earners league. Looking at getting into a good firm / organization that will be their springboard to SUCCESS. Having worked hard to chart out a glorious career, they are now banking on skills developed till date, to launch them onto bigger roles.

My Online Mid Level CV Writing Service caters to professionals in each and every stream seeking a "Lucrative" job in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and other countries in the MENA, Levant and surrounding regions; so that they can enjoy the Luxurious Lifestyle they truly deserve.

Are You Ready To Move To That Level?

I have expertise in writing a Bio, also known as Bio-Data, or personal profile that is very much needed to apply to Universities / Colleges for their Masters / Ph.D (D. Phil) programs.

The Mid Level CV & Resume's I write have been exceptional in getting Interviews to "Dream Jobs".

I have also successfully written the following types of Mid Level CV:

  1. Accountant, Sales, Marketing, IT Security,
  2. Banking, Graphic Designer, Maintenance,
  3. Administrative Assistant, Customer Service,
  4. Retail, Social Media, Public Relations, Secretary,
  5. Nurse Intern, Teacher, Receptionist, etc.

Mid Level CV's I've written for other career fields, such as, Medical, Hotel, Engineering, Finance, Construction etc. have also been very popular with recruiters in the GCC region.

Want to know How It Works?

I mean the entire Mid Level CV Writing process? Read this...

I write a CUSTOMIZED Curriculum Vitae, CV, Résumé  & Cover Letter as per the country / region that you seek a job in. I am highly experienced in writing Mid Level CV for Abu Dhabi • Sharjah • Dubai • Ajman • Ras Al Khaimah • Al Ain • Fujairah • Umm Al Quwain in The UAE.

Similarly, I write CUSTOMIZED CV's and Resumes for:

Qatar • Saudi Arabia • Bahrain • Kuwait • Oman • Jordan • Lebanon • Egypt • Morocco • Algeria • Tunisia • Cyprus • Yemen • Syria • Turkey • Palestine • Iraq • Iran • Brunei • Libya • Malaysia • Singapore • Hong Kong • India • Pakistan • UK • USA • Australia • New Zealand • Kazakhstan • Azerbaijan • Turkmenistan • Uzbekistan • Tajikistan • Ukraine • Burundi • Ethiopia • Eritrea • Djibouti • Kenya • Rwanda • Somalia • Sudan • Tanzania • Macedonia • Kosovo • Serbia • Czech • Slovakia • Bulgaria • Romania.

Have any Questions regarding my Mid Level CV & online résumé writing services? Please get in touch with me.

Still confused? Order your FREE CV evaluation/ critique. My team will let you know exactly what's wrong in your CV. And whether it requires to be re-written or not...

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