Management Jobs in UAE

Management Jobs in UAE (United Arab Emirates) include:

  • Accounting, Business Management, Entrepreneurship,
  • E-Business/ E-Commerce, Economics, Finance,
  • Global Management, Human Resources Management,
  • Information Systems, Marketing,
  • Operations Management, Technology Management,
  • Strategic/ Risk Management, etc.

Job Vacancies in Management are available in all UAE member emirates viz. Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Quwain, Ras al-Khaimah and Fujairah.

Considering that the UAE is a very important hub for business, every organization in the world, big and small already has a presence here or is drawing up plans for the same. So, management skills are in great demand here...

Search and Apply for suitable vacancies from the career websites of some of the TOP Corporations / Organizations below:

Management Jobs

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Al Habtoor Leighton Group

ETA ASCON Star Group

Dubai World Central

The Dubai Mall

McKinsey & Company

And ensure you also register with the leading recruitment agencies in Dubai, and leading employment firms in Abu Dhabi...

Curriculum Vitae ~ Management Jobs:

Make sure your CV has been made according to the Middle Eastern standards. A CV created for European / American jobs does not work here.

You'll need to customize quite a lot. There is a lot of content to be added and some to be removed. The format, the style, the words to be used, are quite different too.

Effective CV Guideline:

Use Numbers, Amounts, Percentages: Very often candidates simply write statements of their achievements, without any figures. Like the famous dialogue, "Show them the money!", you need to show them numbers.

"Increased sales by a whopping 110 Million AED over last year. That's an increase of 28%."

Want to have a peek at The 10 most important tips for a Gulf CV?

BAYT ~ management vacancies:

BAYT is the TOP Job Site for management vacancies in UAE, the Gulf, and also MENA, Levant and other countries. Use the C.V. Builder to register your Professional profile. I highly recommend this.

WORKCIRCLE ~ management careers:

WorkCircle aggregates the hottest Middle East management careers and jobs from some of the BEST job sites. Click on the link to search for your dream job. This is also very highly recommended.

Social Media ~ management opportunities

Twitter Recruiters. [Copy the link]:

  • Dubai_4Ever:!/dubai_4ever

  • MiddleEastJob:!/MiddleEastJob

  • JobInDubai:!/jobindubai

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