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The reason I've kept this FREE 1-on-1 CV Consultation is plain and simple.

It really pains me to see so many deserving and talented candidates from across the career spectrum, receiving little or no Interview Calls.

The few calls they receive are from non-targeted jobs or for job positions the same as they are doing right now or even a step lower.

I cannot understand why they do not take the time and effort to write a GREAT CV. Understand that, there are thousands of talented and deserving candidates from across the world who are also applying for the same job that you've also applied for.

Do you think the recruiter will read each and every word on each and every CV?

Does he have so much time?

He simply scans the first paragraph. If it appeals to him,

GOOD! You've got yourself an Interview lined up.

But if the CV doesn't appeal to him?

Sorry, Next...

This is my effort to help you analyze and restructure your CV so that it gets read by a recruiter or headhunter, and lands you an Interview.

You can chat with me. My ID's for various applications are:

1. Skype: shabbir_kagalwala

2. GoogleChat: sf.kagalwala(at)

3. Whatsapp: +91-9158104352

4. BOTIM: +91-9158104352

5. IMO: +91-9158104352

Email me at: cv-consult(at), with the following:

1. Your Current CV.
2. Date & Time to chat.
3. The Application you want to chat on from the 5 given above, and your respective ID.

A CV Consultation costs us Time, and Time is Precious, so please be punctual.

Resume Writing Team,

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