Recruitment Agencies Kuwait
The TOP TEN. Best of the Best.

The TOP TEN List of Recruitment Agencies Kuwait, researched by us, to help you.

Been searching on the Net for the Best Kuwaiti Agencies to apply to, right? Given below are the TOP 10 recruiters that you will ever need.

Forget about applying to the other 500+. Almost 85% of job vacancies in Kuwait are filled in by the TOP 10 here.

The Sheikhdom of Kuwait has 10% of the world's oil reserves. Along with oil production, Kuwait is also heavily into oil refining, natural gas and fertilizer production.

Almost 70% of the population consists of Expats from over 200 countries with very high disposable incomes. Needless to say, that all types of jobs in each & every sector are available.

Below the name of each agency, you will find a link, which is either a job vacancy page or an application page.

The # 1 Leading Recruitment Agencies in Kuwait by far is: BAYT

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The # 2 Recruitment Consultants in Kuwait is: Work Circle

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The # 3 Kuwait Manpower Recruitment Agencies is: Randstad Middle East

The # 4 Employment Agencies in Kuwait is: Nadia Gulf

The # 5 Manpower Agencies in Kuwait is: Expat Careers International

The # 6 Recruiting Consultants in Kuwait is: NES Global Talent

The # 7 Manpower Staffing Companies Kuwait is: ND & Associates

The # 8 Overseas Manpower Suppliers in Kuwait is: NSR Associates

The # 9 Staffing Companies in Kuwait is: Select Human Resources

The # 10 Recruitment Agencies in Kuwait is: Pulse

CV & Cover Letter TIP:

Your CV also known as Résumé or Curriculum Vitae, in Kuwait, is written a whole lot differently, than it is in other parts of the world.

A lot of customization goes into it so that it can match the standards prevalent in Kuwait and the other GCC Countries.

If you're looking at landing a Job in Kuwait that satisfies all your criteria of moving to the Middle East, like Money ($$$), Job Satisfaction, Career Growth & more..., then the CV is the MOST IMPORTANT document to work on.

The time, effort and money you invest in writing a Top Class CV, will give you the results in the form of more Interview calls and, for jobs, that match your career aspirations perfectly well. That means your criteria satisfied!

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This TOP 10 Kuwait Recruitment Agency List is updated frequently, to reflect only the BEST Agencies in Kuwait. If you know about an Agency in Kuwait, that's not on the list but deserves to be, please do let us know about it.

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