Dubai Teaching Job

Securing a good Dubai Teaching Job was very difficult. Till Now...

We present below extensive information, that you will find very useful to apply and secure your DREAM Teaching Jobs in Dubai.

I advise you to follow and implement each and every step given on this page.

That will ensure you receive lots of high quality job offers from across the United Arab Emirates, that you can then choose from.

Remember, this is very exclusive information. Here you will find the following info:

Dubai Teaching Job

  1. Recruiting Agencies specializing in Teaching Jobs: Upload your career information directly on the agency website.

  2. Educational Institutions in Dubai offering School Jobs in Dubai and College Jobs in Dubai. Search & Apply for lucrative jobs directly.

  3. Interview Questions & Answers (Gulf region specific).

  4. Interview Cracking Tips.


Your CV is like a Sales document. It is supposed to sell your skills to the recruiter. The better you project your skills the better are your chances that you will be called for an interview and the higher pay packet you'll receive.

Important Resume Tips:

Use The Right Keywords: Resume's are stored in virtual databases these days. Recruiters from agencies as well as from organizations search within these databases, for a certain skill; category; job position etc. from millions of resumes.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, I receive so many CV's from people across the world, who are very skilled and experienced. But they struggle to secure a Dubai Teaching Job.

Include the most important keywords related to your skills, such as self motivation, high energy level, verbal and written communication skills, attention to detail, high work standards, problem solving, decision making, organizing and planning, learning orientation, critical thinking, stress tolerance, flexibility, adaptability, initiative, etc. Also include your age, gender, nationality, recent job position, visa status, and other details.

Refer to the Gulf-specific CV Writing Tips, for help to write an up-to-date CV for application to Educational Firms in the GCC region.


The Job Website with the best jobs in The UAE is Bayt. Register your career details on it using the CV Builder. (Highly Recommended):


Another Job Website in The UAE and Middle East is WorkCircle. They collect Hot Jobs from all resources on the Net. Search for your Dream Job, by clicking on the banner below. Highly Recommended too.

Workcircle - find work fast

Submit Your CV To TOP Staffing Agencies:

Enter Your Career Details using the Online Form and we'll forward your CV to some of our associates in the sector.

The following School Teaching Jobs are available in Dubai:

  1. Teacher, Professor, Supervisor, Senior Teacher,
  2. Principal, Head-Master, Head-Mistress, Dean,
  3. English, Mathematics, Science,
  4. Arabic, Computer, History,
  5. Geography, Civics, Hindi, Nursery,
  6. Piano, Guitar, Music, Yoga,
  7. Sports, Tennis, Golf, Ski, Soccer, Football, etc.

The following College Teaching Jobs are available in Dubai:

  1. Teacher, Professor, Supervisor, Associate Professor, Instructor,
  2. Professor for Islamic Studies, Arabic, Computer,
  3. English, Mathematics, Science,
  4. Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Interior Design,
  5. Public Relations & Mass Communications, Business Management,
  6. Medicine, Dentistry, Anaesthetics, Accounting & Finance, etc.

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