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An Accountant Resume, just like other types of resumes, get scanned by the Employer for around 10 seconds, during which time it's fate is decided.

Hence, the ONE point my team of expert Resume Writers and I always stress upon is to have the strengths and achievements "JUMP OUT" at the Employer.

I mean, all the other information is secondary as compared to the things that you are capable of doing and the ones that you have already done and proved yourself at.

Our Team of Professional Resume Writers, have presented below, some important tips that were compiled over a period of 19 years since we've offered our Number 1, Best-Selling CV Writing Services customized for Dubai and the entire Gulf (Middle East) region.

Important Tips To Help in Creating an Accountant Resume:

  • A Professional Summary listing your strongest skills and abilities that are targeted towards accounting, audits, reviews, tax-planning etc. should be written right at the start of your Accounting Resumes. This immediately gives the HR Manager an idea about you. This will kindle her/ his interest to read further about you.

  • Chief Financial Officers, Financial Controllers and Business Owners like to see how you have saved money for your previous employers and improved their bottom-line with your accountancy skills. Hence, as part of writing down your accomplishments, be sure to mention the numbers data.

    Whether you were single-handedly responsible or as part of a team, list the figures. Be very specific about the results that were achieved by your actions.

  • Accounting is required in every industry, and there are a multitude of Accounting Software Packages to serve each one. Be certain to list your Software Skills with your proficiency level vis-à-vis that software package.

    Many Head Hunters search accounting resume databases by the specific software experience required. This increases number of Interview calls substantially.

  • Change/ modify your Resume while applying for different jobs. Different companies post different skill requirements and job titles, even though the core responsibilities are the same. I advise doing a little bit of research, about the particular job, before posting your Resume for it.

    You should change your resume with every job application so that it lists the skills and experiences you have, that are most relevant to the job you're applying for. A tailored resume will be much more successful than a generic one, even though it means more preparation.

  • If you have certifications and degrees such as Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Chartered Accountancy (CA), Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Chartered General Accountant (CGA), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) etc., be sure to highlight that, along with details.

  • More than ever before, soft skills such as interpersonal skills, enthusiasm, communication, understanding etc. are very important. Try to highlight these.

  • Point out that you will dress modestly. The Middle East region comprising of countries like United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan and Egypt are Islamic countries where women and even men dress quite conservatively.

    In an accounting position, you want to send the correct signals to your Employers in the best companies and corporations in Dubai, the UAE and the entire MENA region.

  • The Gulf Countries have attracted highly Talented people from The USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Eastern Europe and others due to one main reason. There is NO INCOME TAX levied.

    Backed by an unlimited supply of Oil, these countries are virtually Recession-proof. With so many people here, from across the world living and working together, you need to also point out that you are very tolerant with other people's religion and beliefs.

  • Resumes are scanned and stored in electronic databases. Searches for Accountant Resume are then made on these databases with keywords such as "Book-Keeping", "JGnash", "GNUCash", "KMyMoney", "Tally" etc.

    Make sure to use the correct "Resume Action Words", Power Keywords that will bring your Resume in front of others for online searches.

  • Use bullet-ed points to make each responsibility and achievement stand out, instead of writing paragraphs. This is crucial as most recruiters simply scan Accountant Resumes online, they get put off if they have to read chunks of text.

  • Finally, keep your Accountant Resume at most 2-3 pages long. Rarely 4 pages and never more than that.

What You Should Not Include in a Resume:

  • An Objective Statement about what you want to do in your career, life, etc. should be got rid of. The head hunter wants to know what you can do for the organization and it's goals rather than your own.

  • Do not include hobbies. Eliminate these points, "I like watching movies and listening to music". Such statements are a complete no-no.

I really do hope that you found this information helpful to create not just good Resumes, but GREAT Accountant Resumes. However, if you feel the need to let our Expert Resume Writers create a Professional Resume for you, then please visit our Resume Editing Services page.

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