CV Writing FAQ

The following Dubai CV Writing FAQ are Questions & Answers that have been designed based on the most commonly asked queries by our clients.

CV Writing FAQ

Q1. After payment what happens next?

Ans 1: You need to download the CV Writing Questionnaire, fill it up and send it to me, along with your current/ previous CV.

Q2. What if I pay you and you never respond back to me?

Ans 2: Please read the LinkedIn recommendations my clients have written about my work. I have 19+ years of experience writing CV's targeted/ focused towards the Middle East region, and I am among the leading professionals in my field. I have a reputation to protect! Now, do you think I will run away with your money?

Q3: But, I don't have a PayPal account? :(

Ans 3: You don't need a PayPal account to make an online payment; when redirected to the payment page you can directly enter your credit/ debit card details.

Q4: I don't have a credit card; can I pay in some other way?

Ans 4: Yes, Please click here to view alternate payment methods.

Q5. I am scared of making online payments.

Ans 5: See Answer 4 above.

Q6. What documents do you need from me?

Ans 6: I need your current/ previous CV and the CV Writing Interview Questionnaire (see answer1 above), filled up with your current information (please click here to read the procedure document "How It Works"). Also, a photo (only if you wish), and any other supporting documents such as certifications, awards etc. that we can add in the CV to make it more impressive.

Q7. How can I give you my updated information?

Ans 7: See Answer 6 above.

Q8. What if I am not satisfied with the CV draft?

Ans 8: I won't stop until we are both satisfied that the CV meets our goals --> "To project your image for the NEW position that you seek." Remember that the best person who knows about YOUR career is....YOU!!! I am only writing on your behalf. A phone interview or a questionnaire cannot possibly give ALL the information of your career. By polishing the draft together, we achieve a near-perfect CV, that represents YOU!!!

Q9. How many drafts will you give me?

Ans 9: Unlimited. See answer 8 above.

Q10. Have you written CV for the XYZ sector/ industry...(XYZ can stand for any industry).

Ans 10: In my entire CV Writing career since 1998, I have written for every industry/ sector and also for every kind of job role/ position.

Q11. Have you written CV for Senior Manager/ General Manager/ VP, CEO, etc.?

Ans 11: I, [Shabbir Kagalwala], usually write for Senior/ Upper Level Management and C-Level Executives only. I have a team of CV writers, employed by me full-time, who write for entry-level managers and non-management level professionals with work experience from 0 to 8 years.

Q12. What is the rate of positive outcome of your CV in terms of these candidates getting hired?

Ans 12: My CV success rate has always been 95% and above.

Q13. Could you give the reference of a person who has achieved success with your CV?

Ans 13: Read the recommendations some of my clients have given me on my LinkedIn profile. Please navigate here:

Q14. What if the recruiter comes to know that my CV has been written by a professional CV writer and not myself?

Ans 14: Tell the recruiter this, "I could have written my own CV, but getting it written from a professional makes sense as he knows what and how to portray my skills in the best way, which I do not. Because I am not a writer. I know how to do my work very well, in fact, I am a subject matter expert in my field, but certainly I am no professional writer".

Q15. Do I need a covering letter?

Ans 15: A Covering Letter is an introduction to you and your career. It should create an interest in the recruiter/ reader of your CV to read more details about you in the CV. Hence, it is required.

Q16. How Much Time Does It Take?

Ans 16: It normally takes between 2 to 3 business days to give you a 1st draft (recommended), however, if you need it urgently, I can give it to you sooner...

Q17. What Information Will Be Required?

Ans 17: Your current/ previous CV, and most importantly, to fill up an Interview Questionnaire that you can download using this link:

Q18. What are the Payment Methods?

Ans 18: Credit/ Debit Card, PayPal, Western Union, Money Exchange, Bank Transfer. Here are the payment details:

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