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A list of the best travel sites worldwide

We've continued our global travel to many countries around the world. Some exotic places like Costa Brava, an island in Spain; some popular tourist destinations, like of course Dubai, Italy, Mallorca, Antwerp and yet some completely off the beaten track, like Bulgaria.

When we began traveling to global destinations, we quickly discovered the absence of an information-packed website to guide us.

One that offered tips, do's and dont's about everything related to that place, especially from an "insider".

But that was a while back. I have now compiled a list of superb Worldwide Travel websites (I keep adding more as and when I find them) that offer so much to you, our valued visitor, like tips, guides, maps, do's and don'ts, and lots more.

Have a look at the wonderful websites below, and if you have a similar content-rich site to suggest, do so via our Link Exchange Form.

This is a continuation of the Global Travel Destinations Page that my wife and I have painstakingly researched and written, due to our love of travel and for the benefit of you, our visitor.

Global Travel


  • Visit Greece: Offers hotel booking, restaurant and car rental for Athens and Greek Islands. Also includes Greek recipes, photos and videos, local maps and weather report.
  • Tenerife Holiday Home Insider: Is a guide by a foreigner with unusual tips regarding property to buy or rent. It includes living/retirement abroad, vacation, attractions, entertainment, culture and more.


  • Hotels in Kenya.

  • Kenya Safaris: Experience your dream safari in Kenya, luxury tented camps in Masai Mara, white sand beaches in Mombasa, safari to Amboseli and Masai Mara game reserves, masai mara balloon safari and honeymoon in Kenya.

Global Travel Destinations


  • Hotels in United States.

  • Discover Southern Ontario, Canada: Information for those planning a holiday to this country or considering emigrating here, info on the Nature & Wildlife of the area, cities, small towns and quaint villages, accommodation, climate & economy.

  • North Carolina Travel Guide: is a well organized, informative "all in one" site where you can come to find all the resources you will need to plan your next trip to beautiful, friendly, North Carolina.

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