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CV Preparation for Jobs in Dubai/ GCC/ Middle East is a bit different than elsewhere. Given below, is the process I follow in making a new Professional CV 'TAILORED' for jobs in Dubai, the other Emirates in the UAE; the entire Gulf Cooperation Council nations and MENA region...

CV Preparation - Top 11 CV Writing Hints and Tips

Objective: An Objective should be written that starts the Resume. But it should not state what you want to do in your career or what kind of organization you seek to work in. It should list your strongest skills that will help the organization and that justifies the role you are applying for. It should show great benefit to the organization IF they hire you.

Strong Skills Projection: Throughout your Resume your strongest skills should be seen loud and clear. In fact, they should point towards the role that you are applying for.

Strong Elevation For Desired Job: Overall, the CV Preparation should be focused in only one direction. Towards attaining your desired job position.

English Language / Grammar: Correct English language, grammar, and sentence construction should be in place throughout the resume. Do not use abbreviations.

Keywords / Action Verbs: There are certain words that are very important to your particular career specialization. These are known as keywords. Keywords are used by recruiters to search for appropriate candidates in online / offline databases of MonsterGulf, Bayt, and other companies.

Responsibilities: Duties performed by you as part of your job. These should once again work towards achieving your goal. Your desired job position.

Accomplishments: Tangible and quantifiable accomplishments of the duties that were assigned to you in your previous jobs.

Educational Qualifications: Listing of various degrees, diplomas, courses etc. that you earned during the course of your education, as well as, work life.

Certifications: The certifications you earned during your work life that shows your proficiency in your particular career specialization. Also, the various organizations (in your career field) that you were part of.

Localization: Dubai and the entire Middle East region comprises of people from over 200 countries from across the world, who are as different from one another as white is from black. The recruiter needs to be assured that you will fit into this "melting pot of cultures" peacefully and excel.

Applicant Tracking Systems: CV's pass through a software called a CV parser, that places important pieces of your CV into tables from where it can be easily accessed. If the CV is not Applicant Tracking System compliant, then, the correct information will not go into the correct table thus ensuring zero results...

For the 11 CV Writing Tips above, Dubai-Forever.Com's CV Preparation Service creates your Curriculum Vitae using a total of 108 criteria. Here are the details:

Objective: 5 Criteria.

Strong Skills Projection: 11 Criteria.

Strong Elevation For Desired Job: 8 Criteria.

English Language / Grammar: 18 Criteria.

Keywords / Action Verbs: 10 Criteria.

Responsibilities: 16 Criteria.

Accomplishments: 15 Criteria.

Educational Qualifications: 5 Criteria.

Certifications: 5 Criteria.

Localization: 5 Criteria.

Applicant Tracking System: 10 Criteria.

Let Me Explain

I create a Resume/ CV from ground-up on the basis of these 108 criteria. Every criteria is different and carries different set of points. For example, the Topic "Objective" is rated on the basis of 5 criteria. Each of these 5 criteria is different and hence is given points in a different manner.

A Weighted Average Score is then calculated using a pre-defined formula. This score ranges between 1 and 10.


  • A score of 10 means the Topic meets the Quality Standards prevalent in the Middle East or the respective country/ region;

  • While a score of 8 and above impresses;

  • A score of 6 barely scrapes through;

  • A score of 5 or below means that Topic fails miserably.

I keep on working on your CV till it achieves a score close to 10.

Want a CV that scores a 10?

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Select your level according to your number of years of work experience:

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Executive Level (CEO, CFO, COO, MD, VP, Director, Manager)

Want any clarifications about my CV Preparation process? Contact Me with your queries...These CV/ Résumé Writing guidelines and the cv writing dos and don'ts, have been perfected by me over a period of time, and are the strong pillars on which a good CV is built.

You may also contact me via the "Chat With Us" box on the right hand side of your screen...If I am not online, you can leave a message, and I'll revert back ASAP...


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