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What are the career opportunities UAE presents? 
What are the career opportunities UAE presents? Answer: The United Arab Emirates comprising of 7 member states has attracted talented individuals …

Is there any Institute Teaching IATA in Ajman? 
I would like to study the IATA course in either Ajman or Sharjah in the UAE. I live in Ajman, so an institute in Ajman is preferable, however if …

How is the culture of the people in the United Arab Emirates? 
Are the locals sociable? Are they friendly? Will I associate easily with them? Is their culture hospitable to foreigners? Answer: The United …

How much approximately does each meal cost in Dubai? 
I will be starting work in Dubai next month. As a teacher in one of the reputed schools in Dubai. I want to estimate my expenses. Can anyone give me an …

What rewards and benefits can aspirants for Dubai find in jobs? Not rated yet
What rewards and benefits can aspirants for Dubai find in jobs? Answer: Dubai presents a unique and amazing opportunity today. At the crossroads of …

Are Jobs in Dubai and the UAE transferable? Not rated yet
This is 1 question MOST people want to know about. Are Jobs in Dubai and the UAE transferable? Answer: Generally speaking Jobs in Dubai are NOT …

Is life safe for a Dubai tourist? Not rated yet
Answer: Dubai has been extensively promoted across the globe as the safest tourist destination in the world. Dubai has very little oil reserves. …

What are the popular sports in Dubai? Not rated yet
Answer: The most popular Sports in Dubai are Football (Soccer), Cricket, Tennis, Basketball, Golf, Horse Racing, Camel Racing, Falconry etc. …

What are the sports and related facilities in Dubai? Not rated yet
I want to know which sports Dubai and UAE citizens are passionate about. Also, whether the sports facilities exist for expatriates like me to indulge in …

Is Dubai safe to work and live in for a British single female? Not rated yet
I am thinking of taking up an offer to work in Dubai, due to the current economic climate in Britain. I have never been to Dubai before. Does anyone …

Travelling to India from the UK, short break Dubai or Singapore? Not rated yet
I'm traveling to India from the UK and while surfing online, I came across some cheap flights to Dubai. I also have an option to stopover in Singapore …

Why do Arab Countries have the lowest crime and divorce rates in the world? Not rated yet
Shabbir's Answer: Arab countries follow Islamic rules and regulations that prohibit stealing someone else's property and keeping it as your own. Also, …

What is the best way to pay for things in Dubai?  Not rated yet
Credit Cards, US Dollars or local currency? Shabbir's Answer: Dubai, UAE is a modern city and accepts all possible methods for payment for goods …

Jobs in Dubai - Travel industry or Finance? Not rated yet
I am from Egypt. I did my Bachelors in Commerce and worked for 2 years in Accounts / Audit. I then took a break and did the IATA course. After which I …

How Long Does It Take From Sharjah Airport to Dubai? Not rated yet
Getting a flight to Sharjah but wish to stay in Dubai. How long is the drive? Shabbir's Answer: The distance between Sharjah Airport & Dubai …

What To Wear? - Dressing Code For Tourists Not rated yet
What should we wear in Dubai? We are going to be there for 9 days with the family. We are 5 together, 2 women and 3 guys. I would like some information, …

What is your favourite Dubai Attraction? Not rated yet
I'm going to visit Dubai next week and will visit some Dubai Attractions. Please tell me your favorites. I will be accompanied by my …

Where can I find a Dubai map with Burj Al Arab Hotel's location? Not rated yet
I need directions to The Burj Dubai Hotel, with some landmarks for guidance. Answer: The Burj Al Arab Hotel is situated on a man-made island …

What's a good 5 star hotel in Dubai close to things? Not rated yet
What's a good 5 star hotel in Dubai close to things? Answer: Located close to the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), The Jumeirah

Firms accepting Architecture Apprenticeship in Dubai? Not rated yet
Firms accepting Architecture Apprenticeship in Dubai? My brother taking up BS Architecture will graduate this year in the Philippines. I'm planning …

What is the best hotel in Dubai? Not rated yet
What is the best hotel in Dubai? Answer: I personally like a number of hotels in Dubai. But the best Dubai Hotel according to me is, Grosvenor

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