Dubailand Culture and Art

Dubailand Culture and Art: Travel all over the world, collecting souvenirs and artifacts, and learn About scientific advances Islamic scholars have made over the decades.

Dubailand Culture and Art - Falcon City Of Wonders:

  • Revel in the beauty of the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Pyramids and many more, all present in actual size, right here in The Falcon City of Wonders in Dubailand.

  • A major Theme Park based on King Pharaoh of yesteryears Egypt will also feature the world's biggest and most frightening white-knuckle rides, including the famous Egyptian Mummies.

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Dubai Land Culture and Art - Islamic Culture & Science World:

  • Learn about Astronomy & Space in an indoor(3-Dimension film) and outdoor (sky) theater. An exhibition hall will also display scientific concepts which will make them easy to understand, for school children and adults alike.

  • Learn also about Natural and Human Sciences as well as Islamic Culture, Arts and Literature.

  • The centre of the Science world will boast a futuristic style luxury Hotel.                                                                                               

Dubailand Culture and Art - Taaleem Beacon Education:

  • The people living in the residential areas of Dubailand will have access to a flagship school system which will cater for all levels of education. It will eventually house various Nursery's, major academic schools, state-of-the-art sports facilities and also dormitories and youth hostels.

  • The Flagship School will include early childhood facilities, a primary / elementary school, two secondary / middle and high schools and a Junior College.                                                                     

Dubai Land Culture and Art - Al Sahra Desert Resort:

  • The star attraction of the Al Sahara Desert Resort is a world-class laser light show that will be visible across the desert with world class fireworks. Set in an amphitheater designed as an Arabic settlement, it will seat around 1200 people with 16 VIP "Majlis" areas seating 4 to 6 guests each, who will enjoy ultimate luxury.

  • There will be a large array of top class restaurants and lounges namely, Arabesque, Lahab BBQ & King Othaman's lounge.

  • A luxury tent area named, Oasis Lodge, will offer 5 star luxury facilities under the stars & amongst the rolling dunes of the Dubai desert.

  • Additional venues will be created for exclusive private events, such as concerts, weddings or corporate entertainment. A Bedouin style working farm with animals and a date plantation, camels and stables will complete the setting. Expert catering and tailor-made event services will be available.

Dubai Land has been designed to represent 7 distinct categories. Dubailand Culture and Art is one, here are the rest:

  • Theme Parks: Get ready to become a Kid again. Savour in the amazing rides from the biggest, fastest, tallest, er um... I've run out of adjectives...

  • Science & Planetariums: Get mesmerized by the astronomical wonders of this world, and follow the journey of Scientists and Scholars through the years at the most advanced Planetariums in the World.

  • Sports & Sports Academies: Scream. Shriek. Laugh. Applause. Rev Up Your Engines. Have a Blast! Then Repeat at the next ride...

  • Wellbeing & Health: Heal Yourself, Get Rid of Stress, Become One with the Universe. Let Peace & Tranquility flow into you.

  • Shopping & Retail: The World's Biggest & Best Fashion brands. At a fraction of the cost! Splurge at the world's biggest high fashion discount store.

  • Resorts & Hotels: Stay in a cruise ship, a Polynesian-themed hotel, or maybe Relax in a completely personal full service apartment, at some of the most luxurious resorts and hotels in Dubai.                                                                                                                       

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