Dubai Tourism?

It's booming...

Dubai Tourism is booming and is set to boom further like never before.

There are many things that attract us to Dubai each time.

Some from the list below are on our permanent list, while some new ones keep getting added.

So, does that mean that the ones dropped are not our favorites anymore? Well, no, that's not the case. Tourism in Dubai is evolving at such a frenetic pace, that our list needs to be adjusted often to showcase our hot favorites.

Satellite Map of Dubai Palm Islands, Jumeirah

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Dubai Tourism

You will find valuable Tips that will help you decide and prepare in advance. Also, small snippets of information gathered from friends and our own visits make this a must read. So, here they are, our TOP list:

  • Dubai Beaches: The Jumeirah Beach Dubai has become a major attraction in the last few years, drawing us there each time we visit Dubai.

    Every time we visit the Dubai Beach, it looks better than before. The sun looks lovelier, the sand looks more beautiful and soft, and the blue azure waters look more appealing. I guess we're totally smitten by the beaches in Dubai, ;-)

  • Dubai Attractions: Tourist Attractions in Dubai are adding up to the list faster than any other place on earth. Be it residential, commercial, hotels, roads, Dubai Metro or an entertainment project; the same rule applies everywhere.

    It should be unique and attract people from all over the world.

  • Ski Dubai: We've gone skiing in Dubai consistently on our last 5 trips here, and we plan to do it the next time too.

    Though we really are not ski experts or anything, but its great fun skiing in the indoor ski resort, Ski Dubai and the restaurants there serve some delicious food too...Star attraction of Dubai Tourism.

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  • Amusement Parks in Dubai: There's a race on to build various kinds of Amusement Parks in Dubai. Makes sense indeed! My kids make sure we take them to atleast 2 parks each time. Think about it. Kids have the power to influence parents. But trust me some of the Dubai Parks are so much fun, you'll see parents enjoying themselves, as if they were kids!

  • Wild Wadi Water Park: The world’s best Water Park, with innovative rides and an absolute treat for water lovers. The latest Dubai Tourism Magnet.

  • Dubai Desert Safari: This is a MUST DO. The thrill of hurtling down vertically from atop a sand dune in an SUV at 80 mph is an experience of a lifetime. Nothing compares to it. Dune bashing in Dubai and enjoying an Arabic night in an Oasis with beautiful girls belly dancing; and authentic yummy Arabic cuisine is surely worth it!

  • Dhow Dubai Cruise: This is one of our all time favorites. The Dubai cruise in an old fashioned 'Dhow', or boat along the Dubai Creek under the moonlight with the one you love, is an experience incomparable. The ever-green attraction of Dubai Tourism.

  • Grand Mosque Dubai: We always recommend a tour of The Grand Mosque, as it is an insight into the world of Islam. It is the only mosque where non-Muslims are allowed in...A major Dubai Tourism Attraction.

  • Dubai Nightlife: Nightlife in Dubai is very colorful now, as Dubai has seen a lot of nightclubs come up over the last few years. Some are excellent and worth visiting, while some are really crap. Read about our favorite nightclubs in the section about Dubai Nightlife...

  • Burj Dubai Tower: OK, you've probably heard of the Burj Dubai Tower hundreds of times, but to actually see it is to believe it. The Burj Dubai skyscraper reveals the power and vision of Dubai's Ruler. It is the tallest building, Dubai or the world has built.

  • Dubai Skyscrapers: Dubai Skyscrapers. What are they like? Are they like any other skyscrapers in the world?

View the amazing Waterfall in the Wild Wadi Water Park in Dubai... Copy and paste the entire link from the box below.

  • Dubai Shopping: My wife's favorite pastime, Dubai shopping, famous all across the world, more so as "Dubai Duty Free", the annual "Dubai Shopping Festival" and the biannual "Gitex Shopper" since all consumer products like electronics, textiles, etc. are not charged any import duties etc. Hence, these items are truly cheaper than anywhere else in the world. During the Dubai Shopping Festival and other promotions, you can even find a bargain over and above the lower rates... Check out Dubai during these extravaganzas!

  • Dubai Dolphinarium: The Dubai Dolphinarium is one of the best marine Amusement Parks in Dubai & the Middle East. It surely enthralls young and old alike.

  • Dubai Tour: There are many ways and means to enjoy the beautiful sights of Dubai, via a tour. There's the Big Bus Tour, special tourist buses, the Abra, rental car, Dhow, camel, (okay okay, I went overboard, a short camel joy ride is okay but you can't go all over town on a camel!)

  • AquaVenture Water Park: The Aquaventure Water Park in The Atlantis Hotel on the Palm Islands, is one of the biggest and best water parks in Dubai. Amongst the top five Amusement Parks in Dubai on almost every tourist's itinerary. My advice...Don't miss it!

  • Things to do in Dubai: There are such fantastic things to do in Dubai, right from the wild and wacky to the tame and sober. Depends on what you want to be. We try to live out our every fantasy when we're in Dubai. Things to do or not, also depends upon the time you have here and of course your budget. Dubai Tourism gets a big boost, since no one has to wonder about the things to do in Dubai.

  • Dubai History: We never ever miss a chance to take in some Dubai culture on our visits. The history of Dubai is fascinating and we've now visited almost every place that is someway related to Dubai History. Dubai has not evolved over night. The futuristic city that you see today is a product of its history...

  • Ferrari World: The world’s first Ferrari theme park located on the beautiful Yas Island. A treat for Ferrari aficionados.

I have tried my best to gather some good resources on Dubai Tourism and more; that touch our lives every day. If you have something to add or a comment to make, please contact us.

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