Atlantis Lost Chambers
Marine And Water Park

The Atlantis Lost Chambers in Hotel Atlantis The Palm on the famous Jumeirah Palm Islands, Dubai is one of the biggest and best Aquariums on the entire planet. Amongst the Top TEN Things To Do in Dubai on every tourist's list, especially those with children.

With an amazing lineup of over 65,000 marine animals and the largest fish tank in the world that measures 51m x 20m x 11 m, this is where you can see and experience our beautiful underwater world. My advice...Don't miss it!

We have tried to present important information about The Atlantis Lost Chambers in a very friendly and easy-to-read manner, that will help you be prepared.

Atlantis Lost Chambers
Best Ticket Rates:

  • AED 175 (adult, 1.2 meters and above) & AED 145 (child, below 1.2 meters) for the Back of House Tour.

  • AED 375 (minimum height 1.2 meters) for the Ray Feeding at Shark Lagoon. (This includes a day pass to Aquaventure Water Park).

  • Special rates for UAE residents, AED 150 (adult, 1.2 meters and above) & AED 125 (child, below 1.2 meters).

  • [Approximate conversion rates are: 1 GBP = 5.75 AED, 1 USD = 3.67 AED, 1 EUR = 5 AED]

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Useful Tips, Reviews, and Important Information:

  • Atlantis and Lemuria are believed to be two continents from ancient times that had some of the most intelligent and smart human beings, living in those times.

    Various exploration teams have found the existence of the super-civilization which legend says sank beneath the sea thousands of years ago. The divers had found evidence of roads and large columns, some with concentric spiral motifs on the ocean bottoms from the Bahamas to the nearby coasts of Europe and Africa, indicating the vast size of the lost continent.

    They've also found roads, domes, rectangular buildings, pyramids, unidentified metallic instruments, and statues.

  • In the Atlantis Lost Chambers, visitors can live out their own Atlantean adventure discovering the maze of underwater halls and tunnels. Recreating the entire experience of the ruins of Atlantis, you can look up to see 65,000 marine animals swimming in placid waters.

    Of course, this is achieved in various strategically placed aquarium tanks. One of the biggest Lagoons, named Ambassador, containing water that weighs over 11 million kilograms, is home to marine life indigenous to the oceans of The Middle East.

  • While exploring the Chambers, you will come face to face with sharks, giant catfish, giant arapaima and more.

  • A fully qualified and well informed guide takes you through this amazing maze, informing you of the life and times of this extremely advanced civilization that inhabited Atlantis.

    You will also experience first hand, some of the elements involved in caring for the marine life in The Atlantis Lost Chambers. Closed toe shoes are required to participate in this Back Of House Tour activity.

Meet The Rays In Shark Lagoon:

  • This activity is about experiencing the thrill of feeding Cow-nose Rays in Shark Lagoon.

  • The skilled Aquarist takes you in the shallow waters of Shark Lagoon, where the amazing Cow-nose Rays are waiting to be fed by visitors.

  • Experience utmost caution and always follow the instructions of the Aquarists at all times.

Ultimate Dive Experience:

  • This activity involves diving into the 11.5 million liter Ambassador Lagoon which is the largest open air marine habitat exhibit in the world.

  • A once-in-a-lifetime experience where you swim alongside Sharks, Rays, Wrasse, Guitar-fish and many more underwater species.

  • You will also be able to explore the underwater ruins of Atlantis, intricately recreated just like the original.

  • Refreshments and a full Arabic Meze (Mezze, meaning taste or snack) is included in the dive package, that serves some Midlle Eastern delicacies such as Hummus, chickpea puree and Fattush, Shawarma, bread salad, etc.

  • A maximum of 4 divers per session is allowed.


  • Special UAE rate tickets can be purchased ONLY at the Aquaventure ticketing plaza and The Lost Chambers prior to entry. Guests must prove UAE residency by a form of identification, Driving License, EID, or passport.

  • The above rates for the Ray Feeding at Shark Lagoon includes the price of a day pass into Aquaventure too.

  • The above rates for the Back Of House Tour at The Lost Chambers includes the price of a General Entry ticket into The Lost Chambers too.

  • Guests under 13 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times.                                                                                           

Atlantis Lost Chambers Dubai Deals:

  • The Entertainer costs AED 295 and includes 2 for 1 vouchers for Sharkbites (in-house restaurant), Aquaventure (Water Park) & The Lost Kingdom (Aquarium).

    Of course it has many more 2 for 1 vouchers for various attractions and eateries in UAE. Buy it online at:

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Photos Courtesy: Sarah Ackerman

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