Atlantis Dolphin Bay
Priceless Dolphin Interaction

The Atlantis Dolphin Bay in Hotel Atlantis The Palm on the famous Jumeirah Palm Islands, Dubai gives you an amazing interaction with Dolphins, considered to be immensely intelligent and friendly creatures.

A must-visit amongst our list of Amusement Parks in Dubai, it is set on a 4.5 hectare lush tropical setting carefully created to mimic their natural habitat.

We have tried to present important information about The Dolphin Bay in a very friendly and easy-to-read manner, that will help you be prepared.

Atlantis Dolphin Bay Rates:

  • AED 890 (8 years and above) for the Dolphin Adventure.

  • AED 975 (12 years and above) for the Royal Swim. (This includes a day pass to Aquaventure Water Park).

  • AED 300 (8 years and above), AED 265 (3 to 7 years) & Free (0 to 2 years) for the Observer Pass.

  • [Approximate conversion rates are: 1 GBP = 5.75 AED, 1 USD = 3.67 AED, 1 EUR = 5 AED]

Useful Tips, Reviews, and Important Information:

  • A locker, soft drinks and a towel are provided in the Atlantis Dolphin Bay,.

  • Wet Suits, are provided and are required to be worn.

  • The educational presentation before your interaction with the Dolphins begins, is very well done & informative.

Dolphin Adventure:

  • Consists of three vast lagoons, that offer different levels of interaction with the lovable Dolphins.

  • An Atlantis Dolphin Encounter (Shallow Water Interaction) at the Dolphin Bay in Dubai, has you wading into waist-high crystal clear waters as you enter the mesmerising and enjoyable world of dolphins, swimming and showing off their stunts and skills.

  • You can even come close, touch, hug, play ball with and kiss this friend of yours, the Dolphin.

  • The Dolphin Adventure or Encounter is highly recommended for non-swimmers as well as swimmers.

  • With just 10 guests per dolphin, this thrilling experience begins with the orientation, 30 minutes in the water and a complimentary non-alcoholic beverage to complete the experience.

  • Dolphin experiences include 30 minutes for check-in/changing, 15 minutes orientation and 30 minutes in the water.

  • Exclusive and private lagoon experiences are available upon request.

Atlantis Royal Swim:

  • An Atlantis Royal Swim includes an intimate experience with the Dolphins in the deeper waters of the lagoon, and is limited to just 6 guests per dolphin.

  • A one-of-a-kind dolphin experience at Atlantis Dolphin Bay, is when you journey into the centre of the lagoon along side a dolphin, and, enjoy the thrill of the thrilling dolphin belly-ride back to the shore.

  • This experience includes the orientation and 30 minutes up close and personal with a dolphin within which time you get between 2 to 4 (dorsal fin tows) belly-rides on a dolphin.

  • The skill shows presented by the dolphins as they jump overhead is a treat to watch.

Observer Pass at Dolphin Bay Dubai:

  • If you are not the kind to go close to a Dolphin, then simply realx on a beach chair on the Dolphin Bay Beach, as you watch your friends and family enjoy their intimacy with these timid creatures.

  • You can take photographs from designated areas and enjoy complimentary soft drinks at the Atlantis Dolphin Bay.

  • Front row seats are reserved for family and friends of those taking part in a dolphin experience.

Marine Mammal Lessons:

  • You can choose from between two dolphin education programs at Dolphin Bay Dubai created specifically for school children aged from 6 - 13 years.

  • The programs include conservation, basics of dolphin training, different feeding strategies and behaviours in addition to communication and social structure.

  • Exclusive summer camps are available for school kids, that provide an unbelievable educational-cum-enjoyable adventure.

Important Information:

  • The interaction program is time based. Missing the starting time of an interaction is equivalent to a “no show”.

  • Start times are not flexible. Parties should arrive no later than the stated time on the reservation, to commence check-in.

  • If you arrive late, your slot CAN be sold to someone else.

  • Application of tanning oil prior to entering the water is NOT allowed. Tanning oils can wash off into the lagoons and can harm the marine animals. Sunscreens and sun blocks are permitted if applied in moderation.

  • All programs are conducted in English.

  • For the health and safety of our animal collection if you have come in contact with or been exposed to a beached or stranded marine mammal in the past 24 hours you must not participate in these programs.

  • Showering facilities with soap are available for guests before and after interaction sessions.

  • No jewelry or loose articles should be worn during any of the programs at the Atlantis Dolphin Bay.

  • Food and drinks must not be consumed on the beach area of the lagoons.

  • Beach Pass Observers must remain on the beach and are not permitted to enter the water at any time or to climb onto the rocks or walk along the walls on the sides of the lagoon.

  • The Atlantis Dolphin Adventure & Royal Swim takes place in water up to 3m (10 feet) deep. You are required to be able to swim without the assistance of a life jacket during the programs. Failure to comply with this important safety regulation will result in being removed from the program immediately.

  • All children under 12 years old must be accompanied by a paying adult. One adult per three children, per interaction.

  • Beach Observer Passes include same-day admission to Aquaventure Waterpark and the private beach.


  • The Entertainer costs AED 295 and includes 2 for 1 vouchers for Sharkbites (in-house restaurant), Aquaventure (Water Park) & The Lost Kingdom (Aquarium).

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Photos Courtesy: Sarah Ackerman.

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