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Sarra Battik's Testimonial of online resume writers"Imran has done a great job! He prepared my resume in under 12 hours (urgent service), giving me enough time to send in my application, just before closing time.

But that's not all. I got selected. Now that's a great investment I made. I've been called for an Interview after 2 days. Thanks for your great service, Imran. You Rock!"

Sarra Battik; Investment Consultant; Tunisia.


John Smith's Testimonial of online resume writers"Mariam was a thorough professional in her work. She knew exactly what needed to be in a CV for my career field, specially customized for the Middle East region, so that I could find a job I love, easily.

I have recommended your firm to a family friend and told her to ask for Mariam specifically."

John Smith; Marketing Manager; Great Britain.


Aleksandar Bogdanov's Testimonial of online resume writers"Zainab is Knowledgeable & an Expert at her job. My new CV will help me get a good tax-free job in Kuwait, Qatar or Oman quickly.

I want to send my son to a US or UK University with the money I'll save with a job in the Gulf."

Aleksandar Bogdanov; Sr. Mechanical Engineer; Bulgaria.


Ruxandra Sandulescu's Testimonial of online resume writers dubai"The resume writer assigned to me, Abbas, is an expert. He's made my resume Stand-Out! He knew such intricacies about my profession, which only a professional with 15 years experience like me, would have known. I was pleasantly surprised at this.

There are a lot of Resume Writing Services in Dubai, and they promise the Sun and the Moon, but fall short when it's time to deliver.

These guys are different. Dubai-Forever.Com has a Great Team and Abbas is a Winner!"

Ruxandra Sandulescu; Property Consultant; Romania.


Raymundo Collard's Testimonial of online resume writers"Abbas is an absolute pro. He coached me about how I should go about my application procedure. He wrote a wonderful resume, cover letter, thank you letter and follow-up letters for me. Cheerios, once again! I’d like to employ your services once again very soon for my wife, who's changing careers!"

Raymundo Collard; Sous Chef; France.


Yahya Mubarak's Testimonial of online resume writers"Thank You very much for the professionally written Curriculum Vitae!

In these times of crisis in many countries, a lot of people have become jobless, and are looking for jobs in the Big 6 GCC countries. I've already lined up some great interviews with companies in Bahrain & Saudi Arabia, that I had not even imagined would call me. Well done Rukaiya!"

Yahya Mubarak; ESL Teacher; Egypt.


Eustaquio Riquelme's Testimonial of online cv writers"I've been very pleased using your Middle East CV Writing Service, and am going to recommend my writer Zainab's expertise to my peers."

Eustaquio Riquelme; Senior Civil Engineer; Spain.


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